Third Time’s A Charm Baby!!!!

According to Kim — Yeeeeehaw!!!! 😀    Sidebar — go check her out.  She’s all kinda knitter/crocheter awesome and no, I’m NOT exaggerating.  I don’t know how she cranks out those super intense projects so quickly.  The woman is a machine!!! 

Now back to my “Precious” — there’s nothing else to say, I’m just going to let the F.O. speak for itself.

Behold …. (yes, I’m this corny — I prefer quirky — in real life 😀 )

It actually looks like a square.  Thank you, thankyouverymuch!  😛  Now it’s on to getting some yarn together so I can do some granny square throw pillows for my couch. 

Seriously though, although I initially used these instructions, it was the pattern in this book that connected the dots for me.  I did it with the new instructions 1 time and I was good to go.

Project Details

I can’t speak to any of the other instructions for stitches in this book but if the Granny Square instructions are anything to go by, I’ll say that I’m in for a treat!   It’s crazy, I picked up this book on a whim for $5.99 at a local bookshop; so far it seems to be a gem.  The reviews on Amazon about the book don’t seem to be very good, but for me so far so good.

2 thoughts on “Third Time’s A Charm Baby!!!!

  1. Opal July 20, 2012 / 9:58 pm

    You’re doing great, and that’s awesome that the book helped you out! That books sounds like a keeper to me. It’s always nice when a technique clicks.

    I haven’t made any granny squares since before I was on vacation in South Carolina. But you’ve inspired me to start adding to my pile again. I haven’t posted my granny squares since I featured them in a work in progress (you can find that post, by clicking on my name/link.) I guess I need to rectify that, since I’ve added crocheted flowers to some of my granny squares

    • Nicky July 21, 2012 / 7:24 pm

      Thanks Opal! That book was really helpful, I was surprised the reviews were so poor.

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