Not Exactly A Slacker :P

Although I haven’t been able to craft much over the last two weeks or so, I have been able to make some progress on these W.I.Ps:

I did cast on my Dr. Who inspired (aka Who’s Cousin :D) scarf.  I’ll be making modifications to this scarf because I don’t want it as long as the original.  I want to be able to wear it and not trip over the ends! 😀

In honor of International Crochet Day, I’m showing the WIP of the Granny square cushion I started at the end of July.  I haven’t been able to work on my squares that much — especially now that I’m back at school (graduate) and working full-time, but it’ll be done.  The colour is too awesome to not finish this project.  With the colour combo sorted out, my goal is to set aside from noon until whenever on Saturday to craft — crochet and knit.  My goal is to finish the rest of the squares for the front of the cushion (7 squares in total) and possibly begin the squares needed (25) for the back.

I’m also participating in another swap with my Knit Picks Swap group  — last one for the year — (whomp, whomp 😦  ), and I’ll be using some of my Nashua superwash for one of the four handmade projects I’m making for my partner.  That’s all I can really say about it until she receives the box.  😀

I hope you all are having a great “Hump Day”!!!!  And P.S. Happy International Crochet Day to my fellow hookers !!!!!! 😉  

Don’t forget to pop over to Tami’s for today’s installment of WIP Wednesday and be inspired!!!

New Series: Stuff On Sunday

customizable banner from Free Pretty Things

Since I’m junk with timelines and challenges (except those I MUST do) let’s see how this works. 😛

The point — since I started seriously crafting — a whopping 35 days ago, I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from other craft bloggers.  It’s hard to bookmark every single one and “pinning” is so time consuming to me.  I don’t know how the chronic pinners do it; they have my eternal gratitude.  To that end, I’m adding my inspiration to this here craft diary.   That way, I’ll spend less time with my absent-mindedness trying to track down what I’ve seen, loved, but didn’t save.  My goal is to spend less time online, more time crafting and living.

Some things you’ll see — an inspiration picture (taken by me or some other source), a quote, a video, a tip, some links, a project, a blog — something that inspires … on Sunday … so you and I can have a head-start to our crafty week.  How about it? 

That’s rhetorical … you don’t HAVE TO answer ….  😛  But you can if you want to.  😀

This week’s goodies is for ALL you granny square loving, afghan making crafters out there ( yes Opal, I’m talking about you 😀 ). I got this list from Stix On The Beach: Tales from the Happiest Hooker On Earth:

 Now go knock some squares or start a knitted afghan out this week!!!  Be quick … Fall’s almost here!!!