New Series: Stuff On Sunday

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Since I’m junk with timelines and challenges (except those I MUST do) let’s see how this works. 😛

The point — since I started seriously crafting — a whopping 35 days ago, I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from other craft bloggers.  It’s hard to bookmark every single one and “pinning” is so time consuming to me.  I don’t know how the chronic pinners do it; they have my eternal gratitude.  To that end, I’m adding my inspiration to this here craft diary.   That way, I’ll spend less time with my absent-mindedness trying to track down what I’ve seen, loved, but didn’t save.  My goal is to spend less time online, more time crafting and living.

Some things you’ll see — an inspiration picture (taken by me or some other source), a quote, a video, a tip, some links, a project, a blog — something that inspires … on Sunday … so you and I can have a head-start to our crafty week.  How about it? 

That’s rhetorical … you don’t HAVE TO answer ….  😛  But you can if you want to.  😀

This week’s goodies is for ALL you granny square loving, afghan making crafters out there ( yes Opal, I’m talking about you 😀 ). I got this list from Stix On The Beach: Tales from the Happiest Hooker On Earth:

 Now go knock some squares or start a knitted afghan out this week!!!  Be quick … Fall’s almost here!!!

2 thoughts on “New Series: Stuff On Sunday

  1. Opal @ Playing with Fiber August 5, 2012 / 7:16 pm

    Oh you know you want to make an afghan it’s calling your name… that being said you’re making me feel guilty so I’ll have to knock out a few squares this evening. You’re right, fall will be here soon!

    I’m currently knitting an adorable cloak for the amigurumi knitted doll I’m making. This past Friday, I made a crochet amigurumi doll.

    I’m with you, I don’t know how the chronic pinners do it either. I pin once in a blue moon, lol.

    • Nicky August 6, 2012 / 11:48 am

      It is and I’ve succumbed. Testing out a pattern motif this week. I’ve got the bug, the fever … whatever you want to call it … an afghan/spread for my bed is my winter project. 😀

      Can’t wait to see you big reveal with the doll and the cloak! 🙂

      As for my Pinterest account — it died a slow death … I don’t even remember my login anymore.

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