Back At It

It’s been a few months since I did a YOP (Year of Projects) post but I’m back to posting in this space. I figured today is as good a day as any to get started so here’s a bit of an update.

My uncle passed after a 5 year battle with his illness and although I knew it was coming, dealing with it was tougher for me than I anticipated it would be. He was in his 80’s and lived a good life but I’m guessing you all know how grief can be and how different it can feel with each loss. After his funeral, although I wasn’t posting, I spent time looking at my Sigma 21 list and working on my spinning goals. The hat in my last post still isn’t completed, I didn’t even have the bandwidth for that simple project. Spinning was what I needed craft-wise so I did a lot of it.

This project was started at the beginning of COVID quarantining. I powered through recently to finish the 3rd bobbin for my first 3 ply skein. The bobbins are still resting, I’m leaving all of my finished singles until Memorial Day weekend and make that weekend a plying one.

The other project that occupied my time was a mini batt series from the nuns of Inglenook Fibers. I have a fondness for the fiber work they do and love spinning their fiber. This series I spindle spun and these are also waiting to be plied.

I’ll give all the details on each of these projects when they become F.Os — fiber details, content, all of it.

The other thing that has been grounding me recently is tending to my garden and fixing up the balcony space I now have. On the very expensive East coast, getting an apartment with outdoor space is a huge deal because of the cost and the fact that most of them in my area do not come with outdoor space. To be able to have one now has been a joy (now that the weather’s allowing me to be outside 😀 I’ve done a little decorating and am getting ready to move my crop of pepper, kale, basil, mint, tarragon and tomato seedlings outside in addition to some impatiens, dahlias, and petunias. On top of that, I’m repotting many of my indoor plants, most of which I bought while on lock-down in 2020, they have mostly outgrown the containers they came in so it’s time to give them new homes.

Here’s a look at my little balcony update:

To say that gardening has been therapeutic is an understatement. It’s going to be lovely sitting outside, enjoying the space, crafting, reading or just being.

That’s all from me today, here’s wishing you all a lovely week ahead! ❤

7/52: Blessings

After a realllllllllllllllllly long, hard work week, I’m getting a cold.  I have to say, after working at the job for a little over 9 years,  Friday was the first time I’ve ever felt that a co-worker can cause me real physical harm.  To the extent that I’ve already informed management that I will not meet with him alone at any follow-up meetings I need to have with him.  I don’t have work tomorrow and had all kinds of grand plans for the weekend but Friday’s events in addition to this awfully painful scratchy flu throat has left me listless and unmotivated.  Despite all that, I still have things to be thankful for and I am.

This week, I’m grateful for:

  • Good mental health.  I have issues just like everyone else, but I’m glad that I can take responsibility, make changes and not live in a world where everything difficult in my life is everyone’s fault.
  • That my co-worker  (D) was gracious enough to drive me to Ikea so I could get my RED CHAIR (and footstool)!!!!  WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!  Despite feeling crappy, I just had to put it up and I love it!  I see many happy hours of reading and crafting in this chair.  😀

New Red Chair I

  • Knitting’s restorative quality.  Despite the work week, I was able to finish 2 squares this week for this project and start a third.  All three are from my pattern library so if I don’t get to finish my spring project before February’s up, I’m going to cheat and call them F.O.s for my craft book challenge.  What?!!!  I could do that … right?!!!  LOLOL! 😛

Blocks 2

Block 3

  • Lesson through a plant.  I rescued this plant that was almost dead from one of my co-workers.   I tried everything I could but it seemed that the slips would die.  So imagine my excitement when after 4 weeks of nothing, I came out one day this week to meet signs of life and growth.  That plant reminded me that we could still grow despite difficult, sometimes seriously debilitating circumstances.    


Hope you each had a wonderful week!!!  😀