I Go To Work: Craft Book Challenge 2013

I don’t write I build a rhyme my craft
I draw plans draft the diagrams
An architect in effect
And it slams
And if it’s weak when I’m done
Renovate and build another one
I go to work
I go to work
I go to work
Like a boxer
Train the brain and aim

~ Kool Mo Dee — I Go To Work

(changes mine)

Is anyone else with me at the speed of light in which January passed by?  Holy Smokes Batman!!!!  Insane!!!!  It’s 5:40 pm and there’s still a hint of daylight in my neck of the woods — almost time for Spring and daylight savings time!  That said, like Kool Mo Dee,  it’s time to go to work.  If I don’t, the months will fly by without me having any crafty projects to show for them!  

February is the shortest month of the year so I’ve been trying to stay ahead of the craft book challenge by planning my projects for this month before January ended.  I’m also working on my time management issues.  To that end, I’ve scheduled crafting time in my weekly schedule. 

  This month, my goal is to:

  • complete one of my spring projects
  • start Z’s blanket
  • start my circles
  • start and possibly complete my first sweater
  • start my spinning adventures — go through the Respect the Spindle DVD
  • start my surprise project/technique

I’m not giving the project titles away, so there’s some element of surprise when I actually cast them on and show them on the blog.  😛   I have to say though, I thought working from my pattern stash was going to be boring, but so far, my biggest problem is deciding what to do next!

If anyone wants to join in the Craft Book Challenge (cute as a button Nizzy I’m calling you out 😛 ) feel free!  The participation rules are here.  I’ll be working through the month then posting my final updates on the last Sunday of the month!!!

craftbookchallengesmall button

Have a wonderful week and “Happy Crafting”!

Stuff On Sunday: Decor Inspiration

I live in an apt.  While I will say that I’m not going live in one forever, and I’ll also say that owning a home is my ultimate goal, any apt I live in, I like to make it “home” for the time being.  Sometimes creating that “homey” atmosphere in a box can test your patience and creativity, but it’s worth the effort because in the meantime, until I own a home, that little box, wherever it is … it’s home.

Right now, my little box is in a state of chaos.  A partially clogged kitchen sink shed light on bigger issues with my kitchen plumbing.  What that meant is that  a 30 minute job turned into a 4.5 hour one and I still have to wait another 72 hours to put everything back where it was, so they’re all over the place.  Honestly, the situation was/is inconvenient but what it did also, was give me an opportunity to look around and see what else I can do to create a living/work space I love despite it being so small.  Again, since I don’t pin 😳 … today’s “Stuff On Sunday” will be the holding place for the pieces that I love which will/might become part of my decor.  What’s great, is that all the pieces can move with me whenever I leave this space.

First up — for my bedroom:  Tier Cascade Faux Chandelier from Urban Outfitters 

I don’t typically go for this type of look, but this piece is beautiful and I can’t wait to put it up.

The area for dining is really small.  I have a large fruit platter on the table that can’t go anywhere else (no kitchen counter-space; that’s another story) but I’ve always wanted to have fresh flowers on the table.  Since there’s no space for that, I’ll be using the wall.  The nerd in me loves this chemistry inspired set of flower holders. I’m going to substitute by using a floating shelf and mason jars.  The UO set doesn’t allow for washing, so in my opinion, the best use for it would be fake flowers.

I definitely had to incorporate in the mini makeover, this fabric from Ikea.  I’m using it to cover the chairs in my dining set.  I love the whimsy!  With beige walls, I need all the colour help I can get and it helps to tie the living and dining space together.

The urban chic-ness of this acid etched letter appealed to me. Although I’m not sure where it’s going to go yet, it definitely will be part of the update.

I had a beautiful silk wing chair that I got from a used/new furniture shop.  It was ruined by multiple leaks in the building’s facade during a rainstorm last year.  The building management reimbursed me for the cost of the chair but I haven’t been able to find one I like — not even at my favourite furniture store.  That was until I came up on this one from Ikea:

I know, it’s not a wing chair, but from all the reviews, it’s comfortable and the interplay between the red cushion against the brown veneer works with the decor I have already.  There’s a black veneer and a birch one, but I really love the brown one.  It’ll add a wonderful pop of colour to my living room and I can’t wait to put it up.

I’m also going to pick up the matching footstool.

I’m excited about the relaxing reading, knitting and crocheting times I’ll have with this duo!

I’ll be making these changes over the next couple of months.  My goal is to be done with them by the holidays.  My goal is to create a warm, little cocoon for myself and my guests over the fall and winter months.  I’ll keep you updated with the changes and I’ll definitely post the before and after photos.

Happy Sunday!