Because I REFUSE to throw in the towel …

More on the title later …

My list:


  • Lyndby fabric (4 yds)


  • Single bed duvet cover


  • Minwax Water Based Wood Sheen Rubbing Wax & Finish — Natural and Rosewood
  • Howard’s Feed n Wax
  • Krylon Fusion —  Find shades of Fire Engine Red and Granny Smith Green.
  • Cheese Cloth
  • Sticky Paper
  • White Primer
  • White Semi Gloss
  • Brushes


  • Craft Paint — shades of blue, periwinkle, violet



coming soon …

7/52: Blessings

After a realllllllllllllllllly long, hard work week, I’m getting a cold.  I have to say, after working at the job for a little over 9 years,  Friday was the first time I’ve ever felt that a co-worker can cause me real physical harm.  To the extent that I’ve already informed management that I will not meet with him alone at any follow-up meetings I need to have with him.  I don’t have work tomorrow and had all kinds of grand plans for the weekend but Friday’s events in addition to this awfully painful scratchy flu throat has left me listless and unmotivated.  Despite all that, I still have things to be thankful for and I am.

This week, I’m grateful for:

  • Good mental health.  I have issues just like everyone else, but I’m glad that I can take responsibility, make changes and not live in a world where everything difficult in my life is everyone’s fault.
  • That my co-worker  (D) was gracious enough to drive me to Ikea so I could get my RED CHAIR (and footstool)!!!!  WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!  Despite feeling crappy, I just had to put it up and I love it!  I see many happy hours of reading and crafting in this chair.  😀

New Red Chair I

  • Knitting’s restorative quality.  Despite the work week, I was able to finish 2 squares this week for this project and start a third.  All three are from my pattern library so if I don’t get to finish my spring project before February’s up, I’m going to cheat and call them F.O.s for my craft book challenge.  What?!!!  I could do that … right?!!!  LOLOL! 😛

Blocks 2

Block 3

  • Lesson through a plant.  I rescued this plant that was almost dead from one of my co-workers.   I tried everything I could but it seemed that the slips would die.  So imagine my excitement when after 4 weeks of nothing, I came out one day this week to meet signs of life and growth.  That plant reminded me that we could still grow despite difficult, sometimes seriously debilitating circumstances.    


Hope you each had a wonderful week!!!  😀