Happy Holidays

It’s been more than a few weeks since I’ve been in this space and that’s not because I stopped crafting. Since we last connected I had surgery and needed some time to balance recuperation and work. I’m fine for the most part now, but you know how things get when dealing with life stuff. I’ve missed you all greatly and am looking forward to getting back to regular posting after the holidays. Just to show proof of crafting, below is a picture of a wreath I made after taking an online class recently. LOL! I’ve always wanted to learn this skill and this year, I said why not?!! I signed up for the class which was conducted by Zoom, the greenery and wreath form were mailed to me and arrived well before the class. I have to say, the level of accessibility for any kind of learning has really skyrocketed during the pandemic. If you’re looking for a plus to celebrate during these tough times, this level of accessibility to learning new skills/crafts is certainly one of them.

This is my first wreath and I have plans for making many more wreaths in the future (all being well). What I can say about this one, flaws and all, is that it’s hanging proudly over my kitchen entryway and I love looking at it daily.

More importantly though, as this week begins the lead up to Christmas, I want to wish you and your loved ones an amazing holiday (if you celebrate). The world still feels as if we’re on fire (literally — why is it so hot in December?!!!) but there is still good if we actively seek it out daily. As my Grandmom use to say, part of capturing the best of life’s essence is to seek peace and do good. My wish for each of you is that your holidays and the year beyond bring you both peace and good.

Whatever you do, however you spend it, whether solo or with others, cheers to you and yours (near and far). Happy Holidays!!! ❤

P.S. Don’t judge me … LOLOL! I love how the white pumpkins look with my holiday decor and don’t have the heart to toss them yet. 😀

It’s All Pumpkin Spice!

It’s been a few weeks since I did my YOP post and for good reason. Deadlines at work which had me working on the weekends (being a 1 person department can do that to you) and working on a craft article deadline — more on that in the future. Let’s just say with all that, I was pretty swamped. Things are beginning to calm down now, Friday was my birthday so this is technically my birthday weekend and I figured a great time to get a post up. Although I’ve not posted for some weeks, I’ve still been getting crafting in when I could. Mostly spinning (until both my wheels needed replacement parts — I told you the weeks were eventful, LOL) but some knitting too. Let me get into that knitting story …

One night in late Sept I had a crazy headache. So much so I couldn’t sleep. What does this girl do for relief? She decided that she needs to complete her first adult sweater! Notice I said complete because over the years, I’ve started and just never had to urge to finish. Sure, I’ve knitted baby sweaters/cardigans, but those are quick, cute, adorable so what’s not to finish! But the adult ones just seems to go on forever then I get bored and chuck them to the side. I know … the shame! LOL!

Not so with the current make — cue angels singing! I’ve been blazing through the Fast Fashion Sweater by Safiyyah Talley (aka Drunk Knitter) like a wildfire. The first night, I finished the neck and the first part of the yoke. Within a few days I’m at the bottom band. Once the band is done, it’s off to what I hear knitters call “sleeve island” … let’s see if I get stuck there.

I understand now what knitters mean when they say that patterns speak to them. I haven’t been able to put this knit down and am thoroughly enjoying myself. So much so, I bought two sweater sized project bags AND I’ve already lined up about 7 more projects — 1 cardigan, 4 sweaters and 2 ponchos. The fourth make on this list is a bottom up sweater so I can see which method I like best between top down and bottom up.

I wasn’t sure how much I’d like making this adult sweater much more finishing it so I used acrylic yarn for it. It’s Lionbrand’s Pound of Love in Pumpkin Spice. And boy is this sweater turning out to be just that — pumpkin spice and everything nice!

Happy Fall, Autumn, Spring depending on where in the world you live! Happy Sunday and I’m so looking forward to catching up with your makes.