Just One Will Do …

We all love getting snail mail.  Packages, handwritten letters, cards, surprises from our loved ones, so why not give someone else the opportunity to experience that same pleasure?  Someone who by all accounts may not get any packages, at any time.   What am I talking about you ask?  I’m talking about Foster Care To Success and their Red Scarf Project.

You’re probably getting tired of hearing me talk about the news, but I can’t help it.  More and more as it unfolds, we hear of the under-funding and de-funding of social/human services, arts and humanities, science driven programs, lunch programs and it breaks my heart.  As someone who has worked in the social services industry for the last 15 years and understands how much these vital services mean to those who utilize them, it pains me to see that the new government administration thinks so little of the services, the providers and most importantly, those who need them.   I’m not rich, so I can’t provide any kind of endowment, but I have sticks, hooks, yarn and caring in my arsenal and I know you do too.  So what does this have to do with the Red Scarf Project?  Let me tell you.

The project is aimed at providing red scarves for young adults in foster care who instead of just aging out of the system  have decided to go to college.  These scarves are part of their Valentine’s day care package.  If you have sticks, hooks, a loom and red yarn (or some shade of red yarn), you’re already equipped to help.  All that’s required is that you make a scarf 60 inches long, 5 to 8 inches wide.  That’s it!  Cards of encouragement, gift cards, other little tokens are appreciated but totally optional.   According to the website, in the first year of the project, they sent out 25,000 scarves.  That means 25,000 foster care students received a care package in the mail.  That’s a whole lot of scarves and a whole lot of love but we need to keep it going.

The details of the project are here including where to mail the scarves to.  They are to be sent in between Sept 1 and December 15, so crafters, we have a few months to get some done with the same determination and precision we got those p&ssy hats done.

I’m usually very cautious in recommending charity organizations publicly because some of them are poorly run with some non profit execs being just as unscrupulous as the corporate ones.  However the stats, especially regarding spending and transparency of Foster Care To Success on Charity Navigator makes my non-profit loving heart happy.

I’m not asking you to do a whole lot of scarves, all you need to do is just one.  ❤

Are you in?!!!!

Keeping Promises


First a co-worker, then a friend, now a sister friend.  I can’t imagine my life without her.  ❤

I’ve talked about her on this blog before.  I’ve talked about the way she encourages me, fights with me, loves me and is still after 10 years, one of my biggest supporters.  She’s seen me sick, well, at my worst and at my best.  So why did it take so long for me to make her something handmade?  I’m like that knitter who makes fifty million things for so many people and never an item for a significant other.  I used to be that person … but not anymore!!!!  Huzzah!!!

She bought these gloves last winter, sent me the picture and asked for a hat.

I should have whipped that hat up in no time, but you know how it is …  I lollygagged.  Shameful, I know.  Even more shameful is that she has the 45th and the current political climate to thank for me finishing this.  Daily, as events unfold, I’m beyond flabbergasted at the blatant lies, the corruption, the hate and the broken promises.  Or as some say — “alternative facts”  🙄  I know not making a hat is not a big deal to some, but to me it is.  The longer I took to make it, the more likely it was that I wouldn’t finish it, and the nearer I got to a broken promise.   In my mind, I gave her my word and I needed to make good on that or really, I’d be just as disingenuous as these politicians who disgust me with their broken promises.   So I whipped up this little beauty:

And she loves it!  I haven’t seen her in it yet but I was assured, she thinks it’s “absolutely beautiful”.   Her joy was worth every puff stitch I cussed at.  :blush:

I’m just happy to have kept my word, kept my promise.

“Promise only what you can deliver. Deliver more than you promise.” ~ Author Unknown

  • Pattern: Pretty Puffs Slouchy Hat
  • Designer: Jessica Suzanne
  • Yarn Used: Lionbrand’s Martha Stewart Extra Soft Wool Blend in Grey Pearl
  • My Difficulty Rating:  Beginner.  From what I read, the puff stitch seems to be intimidating to some people but it’s really not.  The trick is to keep the loops loose so it’s easy to pull the last stitch through all the loops.
  • Comments: Although I went up a hook size (used K), the hat didn’t come out slouchy.  The pattern is definitely one I’d make again, the next time I’ll go up two hook sizes to get the extra slouch.