We Marched … Now We Get To Work!!!

I think by now, unless you live somewhere without a t.v. or newspaper, everyone has heard of the P*ssyhat project and the Womens March 2017.  I made 4 hats for the march and am still making for anyone who asks me for one.

This time two Saturdays ago (January 21st 2017), I was making my way home, euphoric and just plain overwhelmed with all the feels at the fact that 300,000 marchers instead of the expected 75,000 showed up in NYC and were able to make their choices clear, without division, without anarchy, without a single person getting arrested.  No one got arrested, even when my crew and I jumped police barricades to get to 5th Avenue. 😉 According to reports, 4 million people turned up worldwide to make their “no to hate, no to racism, no to xenophobia, no to inequality, no to taking away people’s individual choices, no to division” agenda known.  Statistics show it was the largest protest march in the history of the US to date.  The idea of strength in numbers was made absolutely real to me that day.  What was even more heartwarming was that there were more pro-inclusion, pro-love signs than there were anti-government.  That said to me what was in people’s hearts and the knowledge strengthened me.  The sea of pink hats have now become the symbol of resistance.

me and my merry band of pro-love, pro-inclusion, pro-diversity warriors

Post march, the lines have been drawn and both sides are hard at it.  I’m not going to rehash what has been dished out to U.S citizens and the world in the last two weeks but I will say that those on the side of fairness, being just, being inclusive, being loving  have a hard fight ahead of us.  I keep telling anyone who will listen, the animal kingdom got it right — they fully understand that what’s good for the group is good for each individual unit.  If they can get it, why can’t we?

So I’m going to apologize now in a #sorrynotsorry kinda way.  I know this is a mostly crafty blog — whenever I post 😉 —  with some books and other things thrown in at times, but this is not a time I can stay silent.  My political and humanistic views are as much a part of me as my craftiness is.  Thanks to my parents, my sense of fairness, of inclusion as much a part of me as my DNA.   So while this will remain a mostly crafty blog, there are times I’m going to use it for craftivism which by the way has the following meaning:

is a form of activism, typically that is centered on practices of craft – or what can traditionally be referred to as “domestic arts” ~ Merriam Webster Online.

Some might be waging this war with bullying, unfair tactics, alternative facts,  gag orders, disregard for anyone different from them, pure hate and greed but to fight back I’m going to use fairness, inclusion,  celebration of diversity, yarn, thread, a set of sticks, hooks but most of all … love & prayers.  I fight for me and anyone marginalized, even if they think differently, worship differently, look differently from me.  Even those who disagree with me politically and those in favor of what’s happening in the US now.  At the end of the day … aren’t we all human?   The march has come and gone, but putting our money where our mouth is needs to continue.  It doesn’t end here, there is so much more to be done.  We can’t return to status quo and expect change to happen.  As Gandhi encouraged, we each have to “be the change we want to see”.   I don’t care what you do, what side you’re on or how you show true activism — just as long as your efforts have their foundation in love, inclusion and community building.

I don’t know this lady, but she is who I want to be — her reason for marching — “I can use my entitlement and resources to help fight for others who are marginalized.”  Her sign, my favourite one of the day, said all that needed to be said   It was not intentional, but my photo of her also caught sign held up by the woman on the left.  Together both of them portray the overall message I want my craftivism to have — we the people, protect each other.  Stronger together.  ❤

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Crafty Goals 2017

Last year I did accomplish most of the crafty goals I set, unfortunately documenting this progress on the blog didn’t happen but I’m all set to change that.    I finished blankets, did some colorwork, started my first sweater (which I still haven’t finished), did some charity knitting, sewed a bit but primarily focused on dyeing.  You can expect more of the same with an extra push in some areas.  My goals this year are:

  • Craft without pressure.  I’m a slow crafter and sometimes I get caught up in the number of FOs saga.  This year, I’m going to be a Cyndi Lauper crafter — this girl just wants to have fun!
  • Recommit to blogging. This space is where I document my crafty and sometimes life journeys and I enjoy doing so.  Last year I cheated on the blog with Instagram (not that I’m giving that up) but I need to do more detailed crafty postings rather than the insta documenting that platform supports. I also need to share posts here other than book reviews.
  • Reduce my stash by 6000 grams.  Sounds like a lot but last year between projects, destashing, gifting and charitable donations, I destashed 9000 grams.  I would have done more but I bought 6 skeins of yarn last year and they narrowed down my destash amount a tad bit.  😀
  • No yarn/fiber purchases for 2017.  I’ve done this before and I’m back at it again.  I have a large stash and while there are other yarns/fiber I want to try, I know I can still be creative with what I have.  Enough of the excess!  After I reduce it by 6000 grams, I’ll give myself permission to get more next year (all being well).  And just so you know … gifts don’t count in the no purchase goal.  LOLOL!  I’m just sayin’. 😉    Seriously though, it sounds tough but I only purchased 6 skeins and 1 fiber batt from a destash in 2016.  How hard can it be to go from 7 to zero?  😉
  • Finish Craftsy class learning schedule I already put together.  Purchasing the classes is like purchasing yarn — easy to do but no good if you’re not using them.  I’ve already made a schedule of 13 classes I want to complete this year.  It’s 1 up from the number I completed in 2016.  My goal is to really dig into them and get everything I can instead of just bulleting through them.
  • Charity knitting.  What can I say about this except that there are so many people in need, I’m going to do what I can with the skills I have to alleviate some of this need.
  • Personal Sock Club.  I’ve heard about it, I’ve seen people just loving socks, knitting socks, crocheting socks, talking about how much they love socks and I want to make socks too.   I just haven’t been bitten by the bug … yet.  This year I aim to make at least two pairs.  I’ve set up my own sock basket, put yarn and patterns together.  Let’s see if I come through with at least two pairs at the end of this year.  😀
  • Improve my spinning.  I need to finish my breed study sampler I started in 2016 and spin the braids I’ve already set aside in my spinning basket.  Most of the Craftsy classes I’ve scheduled are spinning ones so I’m ready.  I haven’t set a specific number of handspun skeins I want to achieve by the end of the year but I’d like to end the year with strong singles, multi-plied skeins and obviously improved spinning.  After this very generous gift of spinning tools (fiber and yarn) from my friend Monique, how could I not spin more this year?

  • 1 year, 1 blanket.  I’m not sure where I saw it listed like this, maybe a bloggy friend I visited and the phrase stuck with me.  I like having at least 1 long project every year, another blanket is the ticket for me.  I’ve already picked my yarn and pattern — I’ll be starting it this month.
  • Improve my dye portfolio.  This is listed last but it’s not the least.  Regular readers of this blog know that I enjoy dyeing.  I might not knit or crochet a lick of anything sometimes but I’m always dyeing.  I want to see where this takes me this year.

So there you have it — my crafty goals for 2017.  All things being well, it’s going to be an exciting crafty year.