When Easing Back In Doesn’t Work …

Two and a half months passed since my last blog post … I tried to ease back in but that didn’t work.  In the time I was gone, my aunt died a few months after a melanoma diagnosis.  Shocked us all because the prognosis for full recovery was great.  Then my uncle had colon cancer surgery, I had my own health scares and my current job is like walking on hot coals — daily.  Then there is U.S. and world news … no words.    Sufficed to say, things got a little crazy.  During that time, I didn’t have the energy to craft although my mind told me I should.  However, my coworker (who never had a history of seizures)  collapsing and having a seizure at work was a stark reminder that life is not promised and that we should enjoy all that sustains us as much as we can.

The update on the last list of projects I planned here is that: I still have to finish the socks, the Fade shawl got delayed because of a yarn barf situation.  A friend has graciously offered to untangle the barf but at this point, I think I might just dye a replacement.  I didn’t meet all the Tour De Fleece commitments but I did get a lot done including learning all the techniques I’d planned to tackle and entering every single rouge fiber in my Ravelry database.

I’m off until next Thursday so I’m making sure I get at least one full crafty party day built in.  I’ve gone through all my W.I.P.s (Works in Progress) and since I can’t commit to monogamy right now, I’m working on these:


  • My Baikal hat (that’s part of my Colourwheel Hats and Techniques project).  Using the turquoise and lime green yarn for that project.  The notes from the crafters who’ve made this warns that the F.O. comes out really large and the colorwork chart has an error.  But since I’m crashing back into crafting, I’m not going to let those things stop me.  Their notes just encouraged me to make my own notes on Ravelry so I can possibly help another crafter the way these note takers have helped me.
  • Finish my worsted weight socks
  • Make an ironing board cover with my Ikea fabric
  • Work on this ripple blanket for my co-worker’s baby (yarn not shown)

That’s it for now.  Hope you all are well and taking care of yourself and those you ❤