One A Day Project: Granny Square Throw Pillow

And we’re off!

Last night at midnight (I really need to start going to bed earlier) I was bored so I did a square … and then another.  For the first one, I used the hook size the yarn tag recommended (4mm), but I wanted a denser feel so for the second square, I used a 3.5 mm hook.  Although they came out around the same size (well … for the most part anyway), the second one feels much more compact. 

If someone had said to me last week that this week I’d be crocheting granny squares, reading crochet patterns and changing yarn colours, I would have laughed my bum-bum off in disbelief.  I’m still shaking my head that I made these.

Project Details

Yarn used:

  • James C. Brett Cotton On in colourway CO6 (pink)
  • King Cole Smooth DK in colourways: 846 (cream), 805 (red/salmon), 882 (taupe)
  • Yarn source:  (and as a self-confessing enabler, the prices are great even with the conversion from UK pound to US dollar.  And shipping’s free if you spend $50.00.  Hey … I’m just saying … 😛  😉  )

On another note, last night I had the yarn rolling around on my rug then I remembered that I’d bought two of these thingamagiggies in December 2011.  I went to a blog that I get creative ideas from sometimes and the blog author showed a link to these things that are all kinds of awesome!!!! 

It was a pain in my pahtutie to put up and it felt kinda flimsy.  Once I got it up, I changed my tune.  It can organize 6 skeins of yarn and it’s perfect for this project.  I’m glad I bought two — now that I’m actually hooking, I can use one for that and the other for knitting.  At $6.00 a pop during a Christmas sale, I think I scored.  This is definitely cheaper than a yarn bowl.  It’s not as cute but hey … it’s more practical (in my opinion) and just as useful.  I’m even more excited because the item is currently unavailable and before it became so, that puppy was selling for $11.95 ($9.95 on regular sale).  Woohoo for thinking ahead!

Now on to a Chevron Ripple Blanket

I don’t know who this person is; I don’t know when I became such a fearless crafter.  Let me go think about that.

Happy Sunday everyone! 🙂

7.24.2012: ETA — I’m going back to work tomorrow after a glorious, crafty week and a half break.   On the break, I got re-acquainted with the crochet basics I learned (but never used before) in January this year; I’ve since completed an F.O. and started this project. 😀

That said, I’m challenging myself to get at least one square one per day until I’ve completed 50 for my pillow.  I’m going to join Carole (at the Gingerbread Girl) for One A Day: Tuesday Tallies meme.  I started this project on Sunday and so far I already have 6 squares.  LOLOL!!!  I cheated a little — I wanted my count to be ahead before I went back to work.  😳  

Happy Tuesday!!  😀  I’m going to pop over at Carole’s and see what she and her other participants are working on now.

One A Day Project — Granny Square Pillow

I really planned to make some samples with the yarn I’m to use before I did this post but I’m so excited about this project, I can’t wait.  I’m like a kid at Christmas.  I’m definitely going to start this weekend with my squares but I’m not in a rush to finish this project anytime soon, so updates will come periodically.

Even with my crochet inexperience (I’m a total beginner), it took about 30 mins. to get my test square done.   Since I craft for fun and stress management, I figure I can do at least one square a day — more if I’m not doing anything else.  With that, I’m totally biting the idea of this being a “One A Day” project. Carole at Gingerbread Girl started this meme about a year or so ago to help her finish large projects.  The goal is that whatever participants are working on, they’ll do at least one row, one square, one whatever per day until the project is done.  I’m not certain if I’ll join that meme group but I’ll definitely be working this project that way.  There’s a Ravelry group and very Tuesday,  a Tuesday Tallies meme on Carole’s blog to keep up with your project and what the other participants are doing.

My goal is to do a pillow first, similar to this one.  For that, I’ll need 50 squares.  I went through my stash last night and found the yarn I want to work with.  I initially bought this for another project, but I like it for this one.  I ordered a 2 more skeins of the cream today (that’s all Deramores had left), hopefully I can get more when it’s time to do the afghan.  I’m thinking that might need at maximum 150 – 200 squares.  I got my inspiration for the colour combo from Design Seeds (initially for the first project I bought the yarn for) but I think it will work superbly for the pillow and the afghan.

This is the colour card from Design Seeds that inspired me although my colour choices are more vibrant –

This is my project’s yarn colour choice. 

I can see those granny squares in my mind and I can’t wait to start them.  The yarn is mostly King Cole Smooth DK (this has wonderful sheen, if you click on the photo you’ll see it better) and the pink is James Brett Cotton On.  I can’t say enough about Deramores — they have some of the absolute best customer service I’ve experienced.  And get this — the store is a UK store.  I can go on and on about them, but maybe I should give them their own post.

Someone save me from myself — I’m supposed to be doing Christmas knitting now!!!!  LOLOL!!!