WIP: Flash

“Flash” is my newest soon to be here babykins.  She’s supposed to get here in December and I want to make a blanket for her.  A blanket full of love and “across the states” Aunty D’nali’s cuddles since Flash will live in the Midwest and Aunty in NYC.   So for my boobiekins, I chose the this pattern.  I think it’s beautiful and it looked easy enough for a crochet newbie like me, so I got the yarn and decided to go with a semi-ombre look.   Since Hurricane Sandy rolled across the Northeast and left me house-bound yesterday and today, I decided to start working on Flash’s gift.  From round 1 – 4, I had it down, but rows 5 & 6 — OMG!!!  Obviously, I did something wrong so the blanket has a “twerk”, and it’s not staying flat — see photo evidence:

Oye, I’m going to rip it out and start over!!!!!  I am going to do this!!!  I am, I WILL!!!

Stay tuned for Round Two.

Current score: Blanket (1 sucker punch),  Me (0)

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Merry Christmas Baby: Are They Yarn-Worthy?

To make this short, when I did this list, I was 100% sold on making all my Christmas gifts this year.  However, as I grew in craft skill-set, through some recent experiences and encounters I’ve had, it seems that some people I know are just not yarn-worthy.  They consider what I do “old women stuff” and are not very appreciative of the time, effort, energy, love and sometimes cost it takes to create a great hand-made gift.   Not that anything’s wrong with their choice — they like what they like and I like what I like — no biggie.  I know though that I wouldn’t want to give a gift that’s not appreciated especially since many times the effort and cost of a hand-made gift is way more than just purchasing something from a store.

This hysterically funny diagram from Panopticon really helped me asked my own questions to narrow down who’s yarn-worthy and who’s not;  go through it, you might find that you either have more yarn-worthy people in your life or … less. 😀

image & source credit

That said, the only hand-made gifts I’ll be making this year is for my co-workers.  One of them requested a scarf and all the others will be receiving spa-packages.   The children in my life will all be receiving books and since my immediate family live in the Tropics … errrrr … handmade yarny gifts wouldn’t be very practical!  😀

Each spa package will contain face-cloths or face scrubs.  After the “Gift That Never Was”, I’ve learned my lesson and got some KnitPicks Dishie to make those items.  😀   I didn’t want to go with traditional Christmas colours, so I chose a more Spring-like palette for the cloths.  I got:

KnitPicks Dishie



Creme Brulee


I rounded up that order with some Cotlin in gorgeous Chartreuse!  This with some Wallaby from my stash would make a great combo for a striped sweater that I’ll start after the holidays.  This is my inspiration sweater:

image credit & source

I’m not sure why this is a “Goodbye” item!  In my opinion, it’s a slept on colour.  Look at this gorgeousness then tell me that I’m wrong!  😛

But the sweater’s a side-note, so let’s leave that alone for now.  😀

What’s more important, have you started your Christmas crafting yet?