WIP: Flash

“Flash” is my newest soon to be here babykins.  She’s supposed to get here in December and I want to make a blanket for her.  A blanket full of love and “across the states” Aunty D’nali’s cuddles since Flash will live in the Midwest and Aunty in NYC.   So for my boobiekins, I chose the this pattern.  I think it’s beautiful and it looked easy enough for a crochet newbie like me, so I got the yarn and decided to go with a semi-ombre look.   Since Hurricane Sandy rolled across the Northeast and left me house-bound yesterday and today, I decided to start working on Flash’s gift.  From round 1 – 4, I had it down, but rows 5 & 6 — OMG!!!  Obviously, I did something wrong so the blanket has a “twerk”, and it’s not staying flat — see photo evidence:

Oye, I’m going to rip it out and start over!!!!!  I am going to do this!!!  I am, I WILL!!!

Stay tuned for Round Two.

Current score: Blanket (1 sucker punch),  Me (0)

I’m using this post to link up with Tami today for W.I.P Wednesday.  Head over there and be inspired or even share your own WIPs.