Merry Christmas Baby: Are They Yarn-Worthy?

To make this short, when I did this list, I was 100% sold on making all my Christmas gifts this year.  However, as I grew in craft skill-set, through some recent experiences and encounters I’ve had, it seems that some people I know are just not yarn-worthy.  They consider what I do “old women stuff” and are not very appreciative of the time, effort, energy, love and sometimes cost it takes to create a great hand-made gift.   Not that anything’s wrong with their choice — they like what they like and I like what I like — no biggie.  I know though that I wouldn’t want to give a gift that’s not appreciated especially since many times the effort and cost of a hand-made gift is way more than just purchasing something from a store.

This hysterically funny diagram from Panopticon really helped me asked my own questions to narrow down who’s yarn-worthy and who’s not;  go through it, you might find that you either have more yarn-worthy people in your life or … less. 😀

image & source credit

That said, the only hand-made gifts I’ll be making this year is for my co-workers.  One of them requested a scarf and all the others will be receiving spa-packages.   The children in my life will all be receiving books and since my immediate family live in the Tropics … errrrr … handmade yarny gifts wouldn’t be very practical!  😀

Each spa package will contain face-cloths or face scrubs.  After the “Gift That Never Was”, I’ve learned my lesson and got some KnitPicks Dishie to make those items.  😀   I didn’t want to go with traditional Christmas colours, so I chose a more Spring-like palette for the cloths.  I got:

KnitPicks Dishie



Creme Brulee


I rounded up that order with some Cotlin in gorgeous Chartreuse!  This with some Wallaby from my stash would make a great combo for a striped sweater that I’ll start after the holidays.  This is my inspiration sweater:

image credit & source

I’m not sure why this is a “Goodbye” item!  In my opinion, it’s a slept on colour.  Look at this gorgeousness then tell me that I’m wrong!  😛

But the sweater’s a side-note, so let’s leave that alone for now.  😀

What’s more important, have you started your Christmas crafting yet?

Stuff On Sunday: Body W.I.P.

My latest W.I.P. (work in progress)  is a 20lb weight loss between Sept 1st 2012 and March 31st 2013.    This is not for vanity but for health reasons.  This W.I.P will eventually have it’s own post, but for now, what it does is give me an opportunity to become even more creative in my kitchen.  Since opportunities for creativity exist even in our food preparation, this goal allows me to think about food, to prepare and serve it nicely and also think about what my body needs to function better than it is now.

Today’s finds includes an old promotion from the US Food Administration:

I found it at the Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture based in San Francisco.  I’ve decided to go the seasonal route with my cooking and found two awesome pdf’s from CUESA (in addition to truckloads of recipes) — read more about the organisation here.  The website is an awesome resource for anyone who wants to improve his/her quality of life but eating sustainably.   Even their Pinterest board is full of ideas and inspiration.

Eating seasonally means is that I’ll be incorporating vegetables and fruits in my meals according to the season they are grown in.  This ups the market freshness quotient exponentially.  That’s not to say that I wouldn’t be eating any out of season food that’s green-house bred as opposed to field grown.  Since the former is grown with more preservatives, eating seasonally eliminates some of that.

The link to the vegetable chart can be found here and the fruit chart — here.

I start school this week coming up so I’m going to use the next few days to really create a workable schedule that incorporates, exercise, eating, crafting and study.  I love the quick, easy recipes I’m finding on CUESA; I can see myself utilizing this website a lot during the upcoming months.

In keeping with my goal of utilizing more natural items physically and cosmetically, next weekend will involve some of these jars:

found here at Ikea.  I’ll be using them to store some homemade applesauce and test out a sugar-scrub recipe I’m using in the spa-package I’m creating for Christmas gifts.  Once I finesse the sugar-scrub recipe, I’ll be sure to post it.

Have a wonderful week everyone and Happy Sunday!!!