Another Twofer: 21/52 & Craft Book Challenge

craftbookchallengesmall buttonI don’t even know where to start, so let me lead with the craft-book challenge!  If you haven’t read the post below, you wouldn’t know that I finally finished my first sweater!!!  I’ve had this pattern in my Ravelry library since March 2012!  I can now cross that off my list.  Although I didn’t do much else this month, this F.O. is so much of a success for me that I don’t even mind.  😀

I also wanted to:

I’m swatching the blanket today and beginning the shawlette and shawl this coming week.  Technically, they’ll still be started in May but since this is the last Sunday of the month, I’ll just move them to my W.I.P list for June.


This week was a good week.  Although it’s been raining and making me feel like I live in Seattle I have much to be thankful for.

  • I found out why my ankle was swollen.  Arthritis!!! Can you believe it?!!!  I’ve had it in my knees since I was 11 but it never stopped me from running track (100 m dash sprinters stand up!!!  😀 ), climbing trees, playing volleyball, playing dodge, climbing this volcano 4 times, trekking through forestland and through my urban jungle (only God alone knows how many miles I’ve walked here).  I have never had a flare-up that’s affected my ankles … never.   With all the rain this week, my ankle has moved from the size of a small egg to one of a large grapefruit.  That says to me that the ailment is progressing but it’s not disheartening to me at all. Honestly, I’m just grateful that I know what it is and that it’s not something new I have to deal with health-wise.  I’m basically stuck in my apt this weekend because it’s uncomfortable to walk around for long periods, but hey … that means more crafting time for me.  😀
  • The elevator in my apt complex is finally fixed.  Thank God for that.  It was fixed and inspected by the city on the day my ankle was acting up the most and I’m grateful I didn’t have to take 12 flights of stairs that day.  Wooohooo!
  • I’ve decided that I’m not going to look for another rental apt.  Eeeeek!!!  I’ve decided to look for a condo to purchase!!!!  My goal is to move by the end of the year. When I thought about the predatory practices of real estate agents here (who the heck is a closer and why do I have to pay them a fee just for giving me rental papers to sign?) , the exorbitant fees and cost I’ll have to pay to rent a unit, the effort it takes to pack up, unpack, look for an apt in NYC … I just can’t do it anymore.  I want to be able to pack up, move to where I’m going, unpack and finally call some place home and not have to go through this jungle-like market that exists here again.  I’m over that, so a new journey is beginning for me out of this city’s rental dysfunction.
  • I GOT PRETTIES!!!!  I found spinning class that I’m gamed to take in July, but in the mean time, me and my spindle have some more pretties to play with.  😀  I have to admit that I haven’t been spinning as much but I’m going to try to practice for 15 mins. a day beginning this week.  Wanna see my new pretties?  😀

IMG_2600 IMG_2602 IMG_2603 IMG_2606 I got these all from Countess Ablaze’s Etsy shop!  Very affordable but you’ll have to wait about 15 business days for delivery since she’s shipping from England.  Definitely worth the wait.  I’m so excited about these pretties. 😀

The rain has made outside look so clean and brilliant.  The trees look extra green, the sky extra blue.  I hope you all are enjoying beautiful weather in your neck of the woods.  I’m off to draw the curtains, mess around with some crochet and watch some Miss Marple mysteries.  Yep … I’m a proud fuddy-duddy. 😀  I have fun crafting and watching British flixs.  😀

Happy Sunday and US readers, enjoy your Memorial Day break tomorrow.  😀 If you pray, remember to pray for our troops.

Blue Boy

I know my blog’s tagline says “Intertwined: Craft & Life”, but you’ve been getting alot of life lately.  LOLOL!   To up the ante on the craft side,  that sonogram picture that made me boo-hoo-hoo here, is moving me to do a shades of blue version of the blanket below.

pattern and image source

My dilemma is picking a palette.  I’m drawn to the three below and have yarn to complete any one of them.  So many luscious choices, so little time.  😀




I’m leaning towards to last one — Colour Escape — since the baby’s mother and I have Caribbean heritage and are used to views with the vividness of the third choice.  I’ll sleep on it some … I have a little time to decide.   Since Hannah was gracious enough to let me tag along in her CAL with my own pattern (since I’m a crochet newbie) I’ll use the time to decide which palette I’ll work with since I’m using this pattern as my blanket for that CAL.  I will also use  the prep time to do a test swatch and see how it holds up in the wash (the CAL starts June 1st).   A swatch will be a good idea too since the minority of people who did this project (17 out of 328) used DK yarn instead of worsted.   The swatch will help me decide if I should stay with DK or move up to worsted weight yarn.

Mr. Matthew Carter P is supposed to be here in mid-August.  That time is usually hot as all get out in NYC.  My plan is to make the blanket a little bigger than the original newborn design so he could use it in Fall/Winter 2013.  Depends on how it washes or the weight (with all those bobbles), I might add a flannel or cotton backing for his comfort.

Feel free to give me your opinions on palette choice in the comments section.   With all the things I have going on right now, I better get to it!  😀