Blue Boy

I know my blog’s tagline says “Intertwined: Craft & Life”, but you’ve been getting alot of life lately.  LOLOL!   To up the ante on the craft side,  that sonogram picture that made me boo-hoo-hoo here, is moving me to do a shades of blue version of the blanket below.

pattern and image source

My dilemma is picking a palette.  I’m drawn to the three below and have yarn to complete any one of them.  So many luscious choices, so little time.  😀




I’m leaning towards to last one — Colour Escape — since the baby’s mother and I have Caribbean heritage and are used to views with the vividness of the third choice.  I’ll sleep on it some … I have a little time to decide.   Since Hannah was gracious enough to let me tag along in her CAL with my own pattern (since I’m a crochet newbie) I’ll use the time to decide which palette I’ll work with since I’m using this pattern as my blanket for that CAL.  I will also use  the prep time to do a test swatch and see how it holds up in the wash (the CAL starts June 1st).   A swatch will be a good idea too since the minority of people who did this project (17 out of 328) used DK yarn instead of worsted.   The swatch will help me decide if I should stay with DK or move up to worsted weight yarn.

Mr. Matthew Carter P is supposed to be here in mid-August.  That time is usually hot as all get out in NYC.  My plan is to make the blanket a little bigger than the original newborn design so he could use it in Fall/Winter 2013.  Depends on how it washes or the weight (with all those bobbles), I might add a flannel or cotton backing for his comfort.

Feel free to give me your opinions on palette choice in the comments section.   With all the things I have going on right now, I better get to it!  😀