This week, general life has been filled with interesting situations with opportunities to make well thought out, deliberate choices and my craft life has been no different.  Now that I have two spindles of similar weight — an Ashford and a Bosworth — I figured it was time for me to spin two braids so I could do a two ply mix.  But of course, since I have multiple options, I’m kinda stuck deciding which of the combinations I want to mix into my final yarn skein.


The top braid is an October House beauty — Falkland Combed Top, in colourway Lupine — I got for my birthday and the other two are Knitpicks Highland wool roving in Amethyst Heather (purple) and Wild Rose Heather (pink) I bought at last year’s Cyber Monday sale blowout.  Both are long staple length so I’m not worried about which way I’ll spin them, I’m going on right now about colour combination.

I’m thinking that the Amethyst Heather with Lupine would be a lovely contrast complementing the dark shades of purple in Lupine and highlighting the Lilac shades OR Rose Heather as a more muted option just blending into the mix and keeping the final plied yarn more spring like and light.

Now this is where you come in.  😛

Let me know through the poll which of the combinations you like:

And while you’re at it, would you consider making another choice?

I was contacted by designer, Maria Yarley aka ElegantEconomy on Ravelry, to help support a fellow knitter who’s been having a really tough time.  Maria created the pattern — Graceful Pullover — as a fundraiser for our fellow knitter.   The goal is 1000 sales by the end of November but if you aren’t in a position to purchase now, would you consider doing it in the future or at least adding it your queue, favourites or maybe sharing it with a friend who might have a sweetie this pullover would be perfect for?  However you decide to help, the choice is yours and very much appreciated!

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Starting Over & Cyber Monday Yarn Shenanigans


Over the Thanksgiving holiday I started a hat.  It wasn’t working; I didn’t like the seam that was being created when I changed between the knit and purl rows.  So I frogged it.   I used to look at knitters who had no issue starting over the same projects multiple times or a new project when the old one wasn’t working with awe, but I understand now.  If it’s not working, there’s no point in continuing.  Starting over is an opportunity to get it right; it’s an opportunity to do something that is worth my time and effort.  And this principle works for so much more than knitting.  It works for life.

So this:

Garter Hat 1213has become this:

Cowl 1213 iMe and Pablo (my penguin stitch-marker) cranked about two inches of this cowl out early this morning in the laundry mat.  The one in my building is out of service … again 🙄 … so I had to go to one three blocks away.  Because it’s too much to go home in between washing and drying, going there this morning gave me some uninterrupted knitting time.  😀  I really am enjoying working on this and I’m so glad I decided to give in to starting over.   I can’t wait to finish this project!  It felt good knitting after a too long break.

As for my “Cyber Monday” shenanigans — my misbehavior started one week early (Cyber Monday’s officially tomorrow).  Knitpicks started their Cyber Monday sale early. Despite my “I will NEVER shop with KP again” proclamation after that poorly handled credit card breach situation in January of this year, I tested the waters once again.  I was one of the customers caught in the debacle who wasn’t formally notified and I kinda felt like this, but I wanted some “play” roving to test some spinning techniques (since I’m basically teaching myself how to spin from books and Youtube) so I got these:

Wool of the Andes Roving

Wool of The Andes Roving

and these — Full Circle Roving:

IMG_3818I hope I don’t have to pay for shopping with them after a year with another breach issue. Their products and prices are pretty decent and it’s the affordability of their workhorse yarns that allowed me to move from working solely with acrylic yarn to natural fibers.  While I don’t have the strong negative feelings I had initially after the issue, I’m still cautious buying from them.  But in the meantime … I’m pretty chuffed (according to my British cousins) about the “play” roving I got.  😀

Will you guys be going nuts tomorrow with the yarn sales?  😀  Post pics so I could live vicariously through you all okay!  😀