WIP Wednesday

By the time you see this post, I would have finished playing catch up with my Mood Blanket.  I have four more rounds to add to the below before I’m caught up.  The rounds are really getting long now but I’ve been powering through while watching a variety of BBC & HBO T.V. series.  The long rounds seem to go faster while I watch T.V. — go figure since I’m not really a T.V. watcher.  My goal is to make this my Sunday afternoon project.  Doing one round every Sunday until the end shouldn’t be too tough.  Although I have 29 more rounds to go, I have to say so far — it’s beautiful!  I keep staring at it; it’s actually kinda mesmerizing.  LOLOL!  But I have not been mesmerized to the point where it’s stopping me from casting on something else.   😀

Mood Blanket 061114

I’ve  cast on the Hitchhiker pattern from Martina Behm.  My love for this designer knows no bounds … well for her and Erika Knight, but I’ll talk about that another time.   😀   The Hitchhiker is a pattern that I’ve wanted to make for a long time but just never did … well … until now.  I’m using KnitPicks new line — Hawthorne in Nob Hill.  The pattern is easy enough for a newbie, but if you’re not careful, it’s easy to lose track of where you are row wise.   Good thing I have my trusty Knit Tink row counting app on my Android phone to keep me on track.

Hitchhiker 61114

So far so good; I really like how this hand-painted line is working up.  I’m really not a fan of hand painted yarn but this coupling — the Hitchhiker pattern and Hawthorne Nob Hill — has turned out to be awesome so far.   There are subtle changes in the purple/lilac theme with some cream nicely interspersed throughout.  So far, the pooling in this yarn is working out just fine — nice and even like I like it.  Not crazy like some hand-painted yarns can get sometimes.  I hope it stays this way.

I’m definitely having a great time working on these two projects.  What are you working on that’s giving you the happies?  😀

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Sweater Fever In Spring?

Okay!!!  Don’t ask me why cause I can’t explain it.  Sometimes there really is no rhyme to my reason.  LOLOL!

I’m still swatching for Flax.  I got side-tracked after this first swatch attempt but now this project is back in the fore-front of my mind.  The Simply Cotton needed too many mods to work and for a newbie sweater knitter like me, I just need simplicity so I can focus on working through the construction.  I’ll use that yarn another time — maybe once I get more sweater knitting experience.   I also took a while looking through my stash for yarn.  I have stuff that I’d like to use but didn’t have enough yardage.  Since I didn’t find any other with the same yarn specs and yardage that was needed other than the KP Brava worsted in Fairy Tale —  Fairy Tale it is.

Sweater Swatch II

Sweater Swatch

I’m really working on having this sweater started before this week is over.  Gaaaaaaah!!!  Can’t believe I’m —><— this close to starting.  😀

What are you all working on?

P.S. This giveaway closes tomorrow — first day of spring, so make sure you enter if you see anything you like.  Who knows, you might be starting Spring with a collection of brand new patterns!