WIP Wednesday

By the time you see this post, I would have finished playing catch up with my Mood Blanket.  I have four more rounds to add to the below before I’m caught up.  The rounds are really getting long now but I’ve been powering through while watching a variety of BBC & HBO T.V. series.  The long rounds seem to go faster while I watch T.V. — go figure since I’m not really a T.V. watcher.  My goal is to make this my Sunday afternoon project.  Doing one round every Sunday until the end shouldn’t be too tough.  Although I have 29 more rounds to go, I have to say so far — it’s beautiful!  I keep staring at it; it’s actually kinda mesmerizing.  LOLOL!  But I have not been mesmerized to the point where it’s stopping me from casting on something else.   😀

Mood Blanket 061114

I’ve  cast on the Hitchhiker pattern from Martina Behm.  My love for this designer knows no bounds … well for her and Erika Knight, but I’ll talk about that another time.   😀   The Hitchhiker is a pattern that I’ve wanted to make for a long time but just never did … well … until now.  I’m using KnitPicks new line — Hawthorne in Nob Hill.  The pattern is easy enough for a newbie, but if you’re not careful, it’s easy to lose track of where you are row wise.   Good thing I have my trusty Knit Tink row counting app on my Android phone to keep me on track.

Hitchhiker 61114

So far so good; I really like how this hand-painted line is working up.  I’m really not a fan of hand painted yarn but this coupling — the Hitchhiker pattern and Hawthorne Nob Hill — has turned out to be awesome so far.   There are subtle changes in the purple/lilac theme with some cream nicely interspersed throughout.  So far, the pooling in this yarn is working out just fine — nice and even like I like it.  Not crazy like some hand-painted yarns can get sometimes.  I hope it stays this way.

I’m definitely having a great time working on these two projects.  What are you working on that’s giving you the happies?  😀

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WIP Wednesdays: Mood Blanket June Update

This blanket seems to be the only thing I’m working on and even with this project I fell behind more than a few weeks.  Since you last saw it, I’ve made a couple of updates to my key; I’ve added the shade of pink to represent “blah” weeks.  You know — those weeks where you’re not overjoyed but you’re not sad either.

I also went with the results of this poll and eliminated the white in between each week’s colour representation.  I also moved to doing one round instead of two to represent each week so the blanket wouldn’t be too big for my bed.    Another change in the mix is I’ve decided that since this is to be a true stash busting project, I will use any shade of the colours I have keyed that’s in my stash instead of trying to purchase more matching yarn when I run out.  So at some point, you’ll see varying shades of red, magenta, pink and I believe (by my calculations) yellow.  It’ll be interesting to see how the project unfolds with this change as well.

I’m determined to catch up and stay on top of this project; my goal is to have it finished by latest the end of January 2015.  To that end, being home post surgery has given me some time to really work on it and I’ve been doing so every night this week with the help of HBO’s “Rome” series.  It’s amazing how much faster I go by timing each round completion to an episode. If I keep this up, I’ll be up to date by Sunday!  Yay!!!!!  Since the week started, I’ve added 7 rounds with 9 more to go.   By the time I’m done the remaining rounds, the blanket will be hanging off the sides and bottom of my bed.

But I know you don’t want to hear me chit chat about my plans; I know you really want to see where I am, so here it is:

Blanket of Many Colours

It’s been a while since I’ve linked my projects to any craft meme; this week, I’m linking this post to an old favourite WIP Wednesdays at Tamis Amis & Other Creations.