I’m on Fiyah!!!! First Granny Square

*said in my Doug Heffernan voice*

So I tried a granny square!  It looks fine from this angle.

But let me move the skein of yarn … LOLOL!!!  😀

Oye!!!  The top part of it needs some crutches.  LOLOL  😀  I’m not mad though.  I think I  have the general idea in my head and I’m already planning to make a granny square blanket and join Carole at her “One A Day” meme.  Woooooo Nellie.  I can see these squares becoming as addictive to me as hexipuffs are to crafters all around the world.

For whatever it’s worth, I got it started, I rocked my dc (double crochet stitches) and I’m a happy camper. 😀

Now it’s time for bed so I’ll try this again tomorrow.

ETA: Now that I’ve slept on it, straightened the square out, and consulted some crochet gurus, I realise that I didn’t complete the round, I’m missing a corner cluster.  I’m going to do it from scratch since I don’t have enough bind off yarn to do the 5 dcs.  I could just join yarn if I wanted to but hey … I’m going to start over from the beginning.  Hopefully by the end of the day, I’ll have a couple done.

ETA: 7.20.2012

Round 2: Getting better.  😀