Stuff on Sunday: ABC It’s Easy As 123

I love the crafting community!!!  I’ve learned much about myself and about people through my experiences with the online crafting community.  I’ve learned about perseverance, practice, technique, caring, selflessness, giving, kindness and sharing.

While some crafters require that you pay for any tips, tricks or techniques they share, there are others out there who are selfless with sharing information and DIY techniques they’ve developed.  Knottygal is one of them.  I found her blog through the popular W.I.P Wednesday and F.O. Friday memes on Tami’s blog

One of the F.O. Friday posts Knottygal shared was how to make some easy peasy stitch-markers.   With pretty stitch-markers costing so much money and with it being hard to find stitch-markers for a “big needle knit loving girl” like me, I made the ones below for my larger needles (sz 11 – 19).  To make mine more or less symmetrical, I cut my tiger wire at 6 inch lengths and rounded out the tops by wrapping the wire around a candle holder before adding the crimp and regular beads.

My first go-around …

And then some more …

I found a great craft case at a local store in my neighbourhood.

The perfect place to store my new stitch-markers.

Now go make some!!!!  😀

2 thoughts on “Stuff on Sunday: ABC It’s Easy As 123

  1. Opal @ Playing with Fiber September 10, 2012 / 5:17 am

    Those look great, I make my own stitch markers too. I usually make jump rings in various sizes and add whatever beads I want. I have a huge selection of jewelry findings, and still occasionally make them jewelry on commission.

    Another way to look at those offering their ideas for a fee is with some that might be their job, the money could be used to supplement their income, or they just want to be paid for the time spent learning something… and just like any other person who works for themselves or a company some want to be paid for their investment. 🙂

    Quite a few of my friends are artists and the common complaint I’ve heard from many is that some always expect things for free, or complain about the price they charge. I totally get that, since I run into that too. A few days ago, I stumbled upon an interesting Raverly discussion in a designer group. I’ve been thinking about doing some crochet or knitted designs. Anyway, the discussion was about free vs. paid patterns… I wasn’t too surprised with the answers from the designer since I’ve experienced similar issues. Actually what I’m writing about is a topic that I’ll eventually publish on my site. That article is currently, marinating for a bit, in draft form on my blog.

    …and there I go veering off topic!

    Anyway, great job on your stitch markers; they look lovely. 🙂

    • Nicky September 10, 2012 / 9:17 am


      Thanks for your comments on the stitch-markers and the additional ones re paid vs non-paid info sharing.

      I’ve been on both sides of the coin — having people not want to pay me what I’m worth or wanting to get for free my natural hair & loc care/braiding/styling, sewing, decorating small spaces know-how, cheese-cake baking, appetizer making and even worse for my IT hardware skill, so I know what it’s like. I even run into that problem at my knitting/crocheting level. Everyone wants items, made with the “best” yarn for themselves (I’ve even had requests for fair isle doggie vests) but only one person offered to pay me.

      Because I have a variety of things I do and love and I know the effort and skill it takes to do them well, I would not knock having to pay for any type of service I can’t provide for myself. Where Rav is concerned — I get both, paid and free –whether it’s single patterns or book purchase. I think my craft library would attest to that 😉 but that right there is another story. However, I also know what it’s like to be on the consumer end and being charged exorbitantly.

      So pointing out Josie’s tutorial wasn’t in anyway meant to discredit anyone who charges for tutorials, tips and the like. I said what I wanted to highlight about her — she’s selfless in her provision of tips, tricks and techniques and I appreciate that.

      I also appreciate your thoughts on the subject and best to you with the pattern writing/publishing. 🙂

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