Craft Book Challenge: Cause Christmas Can’t Come Soon Enough …

craftbookchallengesmall buttonI should have posted this last week for the October entry of my craft book challenge.  This should not even be considered a D.I.Y how to — it was so easy.  All I needed were some colourful jump-rings and some charms (I bought all the supplies at Oriental Trading during Summer 2012 ).  Five minutes later … 14 winter/Christmas themed stitch-markers.  Yes, I know it’s only Fall, but Christmas can’t come soon enough for me!  😛

Aren’t they just so adorable?!!!!  My favourite’s the little penguin!

Stitch MarkersThis super cute, quickie project satisfied my urge somewhat to get some crafting in despite the craziness that came at the end of October.  My schedule is clearing so I’ll be back to “real” crafting soon.

Off to go make my chili and cornbread!  Yummzers!!!  That’s after I go try to find some cute gingerbread men charms!  LOLOL!  😛

Stuff on Sunday: ABC It’s Easy As 123

I love the crafting community!!!  I’ve learned much about myself and about people through my experiences with the online crafting community.  I’ve learned about perseverance, practice, technique, caring, selflessness, giving, kindness and sharing.

While some crafters require that you pay for any tips, tricks or techniques they share, there are others out there who are selfless with sharing information and DIY techniques they’ve developed.  Knottygal is one of them.  I found her blog through the popular W.I.P Wednesday and F.O. Friday memes on Tami’s blog

One of the F.O. Friday posts Knottygal shared was how to make some easy peasy stitch-markers.   With pretty stitch-markers costing so much money and with it being hard to find stitch-markers for a “big needle knit loving girl” like me, I made the ones below for my larger needles (sz 11 – 19).  To make mine more or less symmetrical, I cut my tiger wire at 6 inch lengths and rounded out the tops by wrapping the wire around a candle holder before adding the crimp and regular beads.

My first go-around …

And then some more …

I found a great craft case at a local store in my neighbourhood.

The perfect place to store my new stitch-markers.

Now go make some!!!!  😀