Oye … I Made Somefin’ Else …


I guess being on vacation and feeling relaxed could do that to a person (despite the fact that I’ve been contacted EVERY day I’ve been home 🙄 )   But I’m not going to talk about that … I’m going to talk about the fact that the break has given me time to do two things I’ve been slacking on — reading and crocheting!

But enough of the rambling, on to the finished object  — F.O. to you non-yarnites 😛

I love it!!  The only thing I’d do differently the next time around is add 40 – 50 more chains if I use bulky yarn and 70 if I use worsted weight.  I like my cowls a little more drapey rather than having a tighter fit.  Other than those changes this little puppy is getting a big ole WIN!!!!  It’s definitely better than the first one I made — both with the stitching and the yarn choice.  I got a chance to jump back into the crochet saddle, practice my half double crochet and get a feeling of accomplishment.

Project Details

  • Name: Effortless Cowl
  • Pattern Designer: Liz Trantham
  • Pattern Modifications: None
  • Techniques learned: Crocheting through the back loops only and crocheting in a round.
  • Yarn: LionBrand Hometown USA in colour New Orleans French Berry
  • Yardage Used: 162 yds (2 skeins)
  • Number of “There’s only room for one of us in this house, yield or be broken!!!!” episodes: 0  :D

Now let me get off of here and go tackle the granny square!  😀

And errr … knitting … not to worry, I’m not cheating indefinitely!  I’ll be back.  😛

ETA: After not participating for a while, I’m joining Tami’s F.O Friday meme with this project.



    1. I agree with you on both counts. I love the way the hdc looks through the back loop. I’m going to get even squisher yarn for my next one. 🙂

  1. Okay, now I have to add that “Number of “There’s only room for one of us in this house, yield or be broken!!!!” episodes:” qualification to all my FO posts. LOL! That’s just toooo funny. (And sadly true).

    Gorgeous colour for your cowl. I made a couple of cowls last year, but my favourite was huge – that way it could be looped twice round and was still drapey. I think it was the gap-tastic cowl pattern?

    1. :D, :D, 😀 Feel free lady. That came about when I did my first lace (here). OMG .. can I tell you how that small project almost broke me. I agree — sad but very true! 😀

      Thanks for the cowl love. I love mine long and super chunky too so I’m going to do this over in better yarn and super long.

      Gaptastic is in my to do list for Christmas. It seems like a fun pattern so who knows .. maybe I might do one for me too. 😀

  2. That looks lovely, I recently fell in love with cowls, and I’ve made at least three, although I haven’t made one for myself — yet. I’ll have to change that. I really love the color you used.

    And there’s nothing wrong with switching your crafts. I do the same thing. This past weekend, I did a lot of sewing, mainly for my nine-year old daughter. But I did manage to sneak a really cute sundress in there too – for myself.

    I looked at the doll outfits in the store, and told her I could do a much better job. She was excited when she saw me at the sewing machine, and thrilled once she got the finished garments. Of course, she now has placed orders for other items. She’s sketched out the designs already… She’s been hand sewing for over a year, so I do think it’s time to introduce her to one of my sewing machines. I know she’d love that, it’s so nice to have a daughter that loves designing and crafts as much as myself. 🙂

    Did I go off topic, or what?

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