Oye … I Made Somefin’ Else …


I guess being on vacation and feeling relaxed could do that to a person (despite the fact that I’ve been contacted EVERY day I’ve been home 🙄 )   But I’m not going to talk about that … I’m going to talk about the fact that the break has given me time to do two things I’ve been slacking on — reading and crocheting!

But enough of the rambling, on to the finished object  — F.O. to you non-yarnites 😛

I love it!!  The only thing I’d do differently the next time around is add 40 – 50 more chains if I use bulky yarn and 70 if I use worsted weight.  I like my cowls a little more drapey rather than having a tighter fit.  Other than those changes this little puppy is getting a big ole WIN!!!!  It’s definitely better than the first one I made — both with the stitching and the yarn choice.  I got a chance to jump back into the crochet saddle, practice my half double crochet and get a feeling of accomplishment.

Project Details

  • Name: Effortless Cowl
  • Pattern Designer: Liz Trantham
  • Pattern Modifications: None
  • Techniques learned: Crocheting through the back loops only and crocheting in a round.
  • Yarn: LionBrand Hometown USA in colour New Orleans French Berry
  • Yardage Used: 162 yds (2 skeins)
  • Number of “There’s only room for one of us in this house, yield or be broken!!!!” episodes: 0  :D

Now let me get off of here and go tackle the granny square!  😀

And errr … knitting … not to worry, I’m not cheating indefinitely!  I’ll be back.  😛

ETA: After not participating for a while, I’m joining Tami’s F.O Friday meme with this project.