Me & Pablo …

Engaging in knitting shenanigans on public transportation.  Creating awesomeness and converting non-knitters to the yarn side on NYC MTA.  Est. 2013.  😀

Still working on my new project.  The colours have been getting a lot of attention while I knit on the train ride to and from work.  ShenanigansToday, the project and Pablo allowed me to introduce a fellow rider to knitting and Ravelry.    I couldn’t have asked for anything better than that.

My goal is to finish this project this week.  I think I might by tomorrow night!  Feels good to use my hands this way again.  It’s been too long.

Sick Day

I started to go to work today then got sick at the bus-stop.  By the time the unmentionables were over, I was too tired and too nauseous to go to work, so I got a work from home day.  I’ve been clocking tasks like a mad-woman but I took a break — sue me.  LOLOL!  I needed one after I saw what the SS tax hike did to my check!!!!

Just so y’all know I’m not goofing off — I handled 6 work “fires”; sent out copious amounts of email responses and added a few rows to this:

Gap-tastic WIP


Edited to add:

I was going to wait until the project was done before I gave my thoughts but I have to say, one thing this puppy did was remind me to trust my own instinct.  The pattern calls for 24 in circs. using super bulky yarn AND a cast on of 131 stitches.  How in the Sam Hill did anyone follow those instructions to a tee and not end up with twisted stitches or a hole in the wall  … after they threw the project across the room?

I’m using 47 inch circs. and the project’s still bunching.