Versatile Blogger Award

Errrrr … I received an award.  😳

The lovely Opal of Celebrate Life listed me as one of her picks for the “Versatile Blogger” award last week.

I “met” Opal through a meme series I participate in WIP Wednesdays/FO Fridays on Tami’s blog.

Opal has been as gracious and encouraging to me in the short time I’ve met as she is creative.  A newbie crocheter like myself,  she’s fearless in the way she lives and crafts.  Her obvious commitment to her faith, her daughter, health and crafts inspires me as I’m sure it does her other readers.

I never thought I’d receive a blogging award.  When I started to blog it was really out of laziness.   I used to keep written journals but it got easier to type.   I used to keep another personal blog, but it got easier to merge my interests into this one.  See what I mean?  Pure laziness!!!  😀   Whatever my initial reasons for starting this blog, I’ve continued to document partly because I enjoy it,  I enjoy crafting and partly because of the relationships I’ve developed because of it.

I appreciate all the readers who take the time to read and or comment and it’s especially good to know that someone enjoyed my babblings so much that she gave me this award.

There are some requirements that go along with accepting he award so let me get to that.  🙂

Versatile Blogger Award requirements

  • Thank the person who gave you this award.   Ms. Opal
  • Include a link to their blog.  The link to her blog: Celebrate Life

Next, select 15 bloggers that you follow regularly or have recently discovered.  I’m not sure if I  have 15 bloggers to list, but these are some I really enjoy and am nominating as a “Versatile Blogger”:

  1. It’s Knot You.  Lauren’s blog is one of the first I started to follow when I really took knitting seriously and she is  also my first follower.  She’s one of my most frequent visitors and is very encouraging.  I love the mix of healthy living/eating and knitting on her blog.  She’s a very quiet, consistent and gifted presence on the net  and I read her blog as often as she posts.
  2. It’s Own Reward.   Although we’ve never met, I’m going to go ahead and consider Asha a friend.  If I still lived in the Caribbean, we would have been able to take 35 min trips to each other’s islands to have knitting/crocheting marathons.  But as fate would have it, we met on Ravelry.  Asha’s a young knitting and crochet maverick.  Unafraid to try new techniques or colour combinations.  Personally, she’s more than done her share in giving me encouragement — in the form of fibre and books —  totally surprising me with her generosity.
  3. Crocheting The Day Away.   Mary’s tutorials rock!!!!  I love her simplicity and her work.  She makes the most beautiful crochet items and she’s becoming a knitting aficionado as well.  Her love of colour is evident in the patterns and items she creates.  I don’t think she knows I’m a fan but I get excited when she updates.
  4. HerrlichkeitenOMG, Christina, Christina, Christina!!!!  Her knitting and photography are to die for!!!  The woman is a beast.  She finishes projects as soon as she thinks about them — she’s that fast!!!  Just go to her blog and see!  Trust me, you wouldn’t be disappointed!  And on top of that she sews!!!!
  5. Yarn BerryLiz is another blogger who doesn’t know that I troll errrrrr, visit, her blog.  She’s committed to learning new techniques and is serious about crafting.  Who makes a yarn bowl … who?  Liz does!!!!
  6. Little Rays of Sunshine.  Kim is gracious as she is talented.  I love her crochet designs and her model (daughter Emma) is absolutely adorable.
  7. Creatively MotivatedBlogging dynamic duo Nizzy and Dragon Willow are responsible for this blog.  Between the knitting and jewelry making, these two do amazing work!!!!

Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.   

Oh boy … 7 things about myself … here it goes:

  1. Although my job in HR forces me to talk alot, I’m a total introvert.  Sometimes I come home physically tired from all the interaction.
  2. Despite loving crafting so much, reading is still my favorite past-time.
  3. I love eyeshadow.  I got this as a gift to myself for my birthday last October:
  4. I love cooking and baking in addition to crafting.
  5. I love teas.  I’m a huge tea drinker.  All the flavours.  Loose or bagged.
  6. I love, love, love “Masterpiece Theatre”.
  7. I have over 400 cds and about 35  and counting vinyl records.

I think that about does it.  Here’s to more blogging, more crafting, more community!!!!!   Thanks again Opal!!!!  🙂