The Week In Which I Want To “Knit All De Thingz!”

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on but something’s happening and you know what … it’s all good!  I’ve been feeling to craft, craft, craft all the time now.  Typically, I’m a technique person, so once I get a technique down I’m not always so interested in the F.O.   But now … I want F.O.’s.  I guess I can say that I’m entering a new phase in my crafting journey?  Hmmm … Not sure what it is but I really don’t mind.

Barley Rewind

Barley & Shawl

Guernsey Wrap

Magic Looping Revisited

This week in craft adventures I’ve:

  • Frogged my Barley hat.  I made the size recommended as per the circumference of my head but it ended up being too big.  I guess my head is not as big as I thought!  LOLOL!   I love the pattern so much, I really don’t mind frogging and starting over.  I’m also making one in a silver grey for a friend but hers I’m doing in all stockinette.  I might do mine that way also, not sure yet.
  • Dreamt about Brooklyn Tweed’s Guernsey Wrap.  I’m taking that as a sign to make one.  I have some KP Cyber Monday 2012 special reserve Chroma that was gifted to me; I figured this is a good pattern to use it for.
  • Re-visited magic looping.  This time around, the concept was easy peasy.  Very Pink’s tutorial video was probably the shortest one I found but with the clearest instructions (I’ve linked the video below).    The first two rows were fiddly, but I know it well enough to not have to revisit practicing before I execute the technique.  Winner, winner.  😀  My only issue is that the last stitches on the loop are so tight, it’s a struggle to get them back on the needles in the starting point.  But other than that, it’s been pretty good.   Next stop: DPNS!!!
  • Felt in the mood for making “The Sunlight Shawl for Sad People“.  No, no, no — I’m not sad!  LOLOL!  I just found it to be a very pretty pattern and a good one for my first shawl attempt.   And with some Madeline Tosh fingering (purple yarn in the second pic) found in my stash, this should be a very enjoyable project.
  • Will cut fabric to make about 4 – 6 of these potholders, hot pads … whatever you want to call them.   I got some fat quarters from Jacey … errrrr .. a quilt might be in my future but in the meantime, potholders it is!

Hope you each are having a great, sunshiney, crafty week.  😀

Ready, Set, Go!!! Flax!!!

Since my list of crafty resolutions for the year is so ambitious, I figured while I was trapped indoors by the latest snowstorm in my area, I might as well make use of the time and get a head-start.   So I soaked my swatch, and it’s drying now.

I’ll be checking it tomorrow to see if I made gauge for my first adult sweater.  Yes people, take it from me  — swatching is important!  Trust me, it’s not for the birds!  It can make the difference between a wack project and an awesome one.

Sidebar: Wack meaning:

Something that just plain sucks, or isn’t cool at all. Lame.

Don’t be fooled by the following:


Got it?!!  Okay then!!

Obviously, being trapped indoors is making me loopy!  LOLOL!!! 😛

My goal this year is to make at least two sweaters for myself and I think Flax is a good place to start.  It’s part of TinCanKnits Simple Collection and another one of my goals is to work through the entire collection so this project will be a two-fer. 😛


Last year (2013 — it feels so weird saying last year) I conquered my fear of knitting in public.  In December, I knitted on my subway rides to and from work and that’s how this sweater is going to be done.  Since it’s mostly stockinette stitch, something mindless that I can do on the train, I have no doubt that I could finish this project in good time.

I did the swatch just before the year closed but I need to see how much the yarn will grow when wet.  I also need to see if I’ll have to do down a needle size.  I want to get all that done before the end of the weekend.  Cause Monday, if you’re in NY, and taking the train, I’ll be that woman with a million bags, knitting needles, serenely working on her sweater in the chaos that’s her transit system.  I can’t think of a better way to pass my commuting time; can you? 😀