Just A Hat …

So … my week started with my team getting trashed … boo hiss!  Then I realised after the game, that the yoke of my Flax sweater looked small because … doh … I didn’t change to larger needles after doing the neck band!!!  😦    That means starting over and at this point, my timeline to finish it as an OWL  for the HPKCHC competition is not going to be met.  No worries though … although that baby’s on timeout, I’m even more determined to finish it.   Then on top of all that, I go to work yesterday to hear that my job has lost all its major funding contracts, staff is going to have to be let go or mercifully, moved to other agencies.  Adding to that stress, a position in my group (that has moved from 7 to 3 in the space of two and a half years) was slated to be on the chopping block.

I’m typically a positive person but yesterday’s work news took some of the wind out of my sails.   Actually, it took a lot of wind out of my sails.  Blessedly for me, my boss reconsidered how having two people instead of three in my department would affect operations negatively so for now we’re still three.  But this sucks more than I could express and I’m so very tired of it.  I wanted really to  … errr … express myself in a not so nice way  😀  but I know that (1.) that’s not how I’m supposed to behave,  (2.) it really wouldn’t change anything and (3.) that’s really not my style.  So instead,  in my lunch hour, I started this hat for one of my co-workers:

Laurie's Hat

I’m not going to lie — it took a while for the meditative rhythm of knitting to get me to loosen my grip on the needles, to stop gritting my teeth, to lose the urge to cuss uncontrollably and to actually get back to the point of relaxing.  Once I got myself together, I was able to pray, receive heavenly Help which allowed me to start breathing easier.  When I looked down … the hat was almost at the point of decreases!  LOLOL!   Now that’s my kind of therapy!

There’s a lot to be done in the next two weeks and I’m going to have to push myself and my team hard to accomplish these goals. But in the mean time, while my Flax sweater is on time-out, I have to make some serious professional decisions while keeping calm and knitting.  Even if it’s just a hat!

Harry Potter Made Me Do It!

I’m not going to lie, I’m a slow crafter.  In part due to commute and by consequence sheer tiredness and in part just because I’m slow.  But I have to say, since I’ve joined the Harry Potter Knitting & Crochet House Cup forum on Ravelry, I’m actually cranking out at least one F.O. per month.    Knowing that I want to get sorted and that after sorting, my participation contributes to my house win (or loss), boy oh boy, I suck up those prompts at the beginning of the month and sure enough, I’ve been making things that I actually like and can use.

For June’s project, I chose clouds and cloud shapes from the Divination class.  As a side note, I love that these prompts are interpretative so in addition to making something useful, I get to use my imagination or creative interpretative skills to make sure my projects matches a prompt in order to be graded.   This cloud image was my inspiration:



And I made this:


I used crochet to try to mimic the cloud texture, the main colour to mimic the sky colour and the project to mimic the “squishiness” of the clouds.

For the past two months, I’ve been looking at the projects submitted and many people do blanket squares, hexi-puffs and dishcloths as their interpretative project.  While nothing is wrong with these and I’m absolutely sure at some point I’ll do all of those except for the hexi-puffs, this month (July), I want to push myself to do a different type of project.  Something that involves a technique I’ve never tried or at least only done once. Something that’s practical and usable to boot.  I already have a project in mind and aim to start and finish it this weekend but you’re going to have to wait to see it!  😛

I picked June’s project because I want all the items I make for the class to be usable, not be just for class purposes.  My blocking pins are usually strewn every which way and I wanted a pretty way to display and contain them.  I figured with this, I’d have something interpretative, pretty but absolutely functional.  Win, win & win I’d say!!!  😀


Project Details:

  • Name: Naalepuder
  • Designer: Liselotte Weller
  • Yarn Used: Martha Stewart Crafts Extra Soft Wool Blend
  • Modifications (accidental): Didn’t stuff the project with too much polyfill.  That allowed me to get a more petal-ly floral shaped pincushion as opposed to the rounded one the designer made.
  • Difficulty: Easy enough for a beginner crocheter

As for how this post connects to its title — credit that to my friend Erica.  She’s been on me to do more; she thinks there’s a master yarn crafter hiding somewhere inside.  Her comment when I tell her about the completed craft projects — “well at least your Harry Potter obsession is good for something”.  I guess she’s right — Harry Potter really is making me do it!