On The Needles: Drop Stitch Scarf

This is a quick update on one of my YOP projects I started to fool around with last weekend.   I’ve only added a couple of additional repeats since my first post on it but it’s shaping up nicely if I must say so myself.  😛 

The first round of dropping the stitches had my heart in my throat.  The second and third were no better.  At the end of every dropped row, I kept counting the stitches to make sure I didn’t drop stitches that I need to stay still.  So far so good.

The sea-foam pattern has already emerged and I love the colour play from the Malabrigo yarn I’m using.  I can’t wait to get this puppy finished and blocked; it looks like it’ll be amazing!!!!  🙂  The yarn is working up nicely; I understand now why knitters and crocheters go “gaga” for Malabrigo; that yarn is super fabulous!!!  It’s as soft and silky as it looks in the pic (and that pic’s not great).  Plus, I just love the stitch definition it’s giving me.  I should have been finished more repeats, but I’m stopping too often just to look at the pattern and run my hands over the yarn … oh boy … can you say in love?  😀

If you need additional inspiration, head over to Tami’s for WIP Wednesdays to see the other WIPs from the participants of that series.  I’m always inspired and I’m sure you would be too.

As for today — Happy Hump Day — the weekend is almost here and that should mean more knitting and crocheting for all of us!!!!!! 😀