Cherry Blossoms At Night

My professional life has been taking up a lot of my time lately so all I’ve been able to work on craft-wise is spinning. It’s been easy to just pick up my spindle and meditatively add fluff until a cop of yarn appears; spinning is one of the ultimate stress relievers, believe you me!

I have had quite a few projects on my wheels and spindles lately. I started a #casualcraftalong (#casualcraftalong2021) with my instagram crafty buddies with the goal of finishing our WIPs without the pressure a typical knitalong or crochetalong or spinalong brings. The goal from May to June 30th is to finish what we started — even if it’s only one project. My last YOP post showed you two projects I’ve completed the spinning for and I have three more. The current one is from Inglenook Fibers Armchair Traveling series and it’s from the 3rd month’s “trip” to Japan. For that installment I received the Cherry Blossoms At Night batt. The batt came with a note that the fiber contained lanolin so it is advisable to spin it sooner rather than later. As an aside, while lanolin has skin nourishing benefits, the greasy consistency of it makes spinning fiber hard the longer the lanolin stays in the fiber. The lanolin content in this batt did not warrant washing the fiber beforehand (plus that would have been insanity to try to wash it out of a prepared batt before spinning) but spinning it sooner rather than later is optimal and I’m glad the seller made a note of advising that course of action for the benefit of spinners who don’t know how lanolin reacts.

So far, I split the batt into the obvious colorways making up the batt and am spinning one color per spindle. To finish the individual spins, I’m going to join the spindle cops then chain ply them into 1 skein. So far, I’m done 4 spindles worth:

I’m a big fan of Inglenook Fibers products and this has been a joy to spin so far. I keep spinning so I can get to the next color so this project is going faster than I expected it to go. I have one color left (which I’ve already started) then that’s it. The next time you see this project, it’s going to be in a finished skein — I can’t wait to check my yardage. My default skein is usually between sport and DK weight, I’m aiming for fingering on this one.

Tour De Fleece 2021 is scheduled to start on June 26th 2021 and since it coincides with the end of the #casualcraftalong, my goal is to finish all the spins, then add plying the 5 skeins as part of my TDF 2021 goals. In addition to plying and finishing these projects for TDF 2021, I’m also spinning the below with the Inglenook Fibers team:

The set is a beauty ain’t it?!!! Right now, I just need to focus and not let this beauty distract me. I MUST finish the spins on my outstanding projects then get ready for Tour De Fleece! My TDF plans is another post in itself! 😀

Happy Sunday to each of you and cheers for a great week ahead! ❤

A Different Kind of Work In Progress!

Errrrr …. no …. I’m NOT with child although in my mind, that’s one of the most beautiful WIPs in the whole wide world!  LOLOL!!!

The W.I.P that I’m talking about is one that’s been watching me since March 2011.  Yeah … I know … more than two years.

Let’s just back-track a little.  More than two years ago, when I was a yarn newbie, I bought some skeins from a now defunct Sanguine Gryphon.  The yarn arrived, they were beautiful but I didn’t have a swift; that umbrella, ella, ella, aye, aye, aye (I couldn’t resist saying that … LOLOL!) thingie used to make the yarn cakes.  So I tried to use a chair … one that didn’t MOVE people!!!!!  So my ball-winder was going but the chair was not spinning so a ball could form.  Then I tried to untangle the small tangle that happened to the yarn and I ended up with a colossal mess.  I was so “over it” I just chucked the tangle in my yarn stash and ignored it with consistent regularity!  LOLOL!  Every time I went into my stash, it was begging me to untangle it.  But I was not swayed; I was never in the mood to untangle 420 yds of fingering yarn!  LOLOL!

I went through my stash this week for a swap I’m participating in. After I packed everything up, I found that the bag with the tangled mess was left out.  I took that as a sign!  LOLOL!   Since getting to my stash is sometimes so inconvenient, I just decided to go ahead and sort it out.

So I started with this:

A Different Kind of WIPand after a few hours … I had this:

IMG_2661I’m going to try my best to finish this tomorrow.  There is something therapeutic to be said about trying to find the end.  Every time I untangle a few yards, I tell myself, just a few more.  Weird, I know.  So while I’m sweltering in this heat-wave we’re having here, I’m going to work on this becoming an F.O. 😀  Other than the yarn being totally awesome and use-worthy,  I need to get my money’s worth from this pretty!!!  😛