Stuff on Sunday: Errrrrr …. WIPs Much?

I’m just going to let the picture speak for itself.    Errrrr …. should I be going to the Crochet/Knitting Corner of Shame?  You tell me! 

This is the W.I.P. corner of my living room!

Before my projects and yarn attempt to bury me, like this stash here — I’m finishing one  of these projects today so it can be shipped off next week.  😀

The start of Fall Equinox (Sept 22nd 2012) is the perfect time for me to resume and complete some of these projects.  Especially since Christmas is around the corner and some of them are Christmas gifts.  😀

W.I.P: If At First You Don’t Succeed …

” dust yourself off and try again, you should dust yourself off and try again, try again … uh, huh …” ~ Aaliyah

So, what had happened was …  this cushion did not look as big as it really is when I saw the pattern in my crochet book.  Honestly.  Cross my heart.

Enter into evidence — Exhibit 1:

Seriously,  tell me the truth … does it look huge to you?

Well, it really didn’t to me, so I  figured I could make it as a sofa cushion.  Womp, womp.

The pattern asked for bulky yarn, but I forgot how much bulky yarn grows.   So here I was, crocheting my little heart away, finished the first panel …. come to find out … BOOM …  the thing’s as big as my ottoman.  Errr … okay … 😳  Heck, this panel is as big as the front of my current sofa cushion.  And this is only panel one of four!!!!

Enter into evidence — Exhibit 2

Honestly, I don’t want a cushion that’s four times the size of my ottoman, I really don’t.  So I’m dusting myself off and trying again

I’m a little intimidated by the pattern I really want to try so I’m going to leave you with the yarn for it (not the pattern, in case I have to dust off again 😛 ) … worsted this time … not bulky.  These babies are some decent acrylic from Stylecraft.  They feel great, and should be perfect for my next attempt.  Oy vey!!!

I’m  joining Tami and the other ladies at WIP Wednesdays although my WIP is technically a no go now.  😛  Pop over there, you’ll be inspired.