WIP: Petal Edged Scarf

I wanted a quick, flirty, feminine gift for my former supervisor.  When I learned how to knit in November of last year she was one of my biggest supporters/admirers.  We don’t work together anymore as at the end of June this year but I still wanted to give her a handmade knit.

I found this pattern on Ravelry; it’s something I think she’d like.  My goal was to finish it over the Labor Day weekend, but a cold stopped me from doing that.  I was able to put in a few rows today and so far I’m pleased with the result. After blocking, the lace-work on the side will be more visible.  Blocking will also help the petal points to lay flat.

Project Details

  • Name: Petal Edged Scarf

  • Designer: Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark
  • Yarn: KnitPicks Merino Style in Kenai
  • Yardage: 3 balls at 123 yds each.
  • Needles: Yarn label asks for size 5 but I’m using size 8 so the lace work wouldn’t be too tight.  Now I look at it, I still have to loosen my grip — even with needles three sizes up, my stitches are still tight.  😯

I’m using this project as my Wednesday WIP project in the WIP Wednesday meme with Tami and the other ladies.  Check them out.  The projects range from simple to intricate but they’re always fabulous. 😀

If anyone is reading this post tonight, I’ll update the links in the morning so you can see the group’s work.

F.O: Loopy Loops

This was a very quick knit.  I haven’t conquered the mattress grafting technique but what I did was good enough for now. 😳  Both my cameras died so I had to use my cellphone camera (excuse the not so great pics).

The end result is this:

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Nothing fancy … but stylish enough for fall.  I love that I can wear this long, short, twisted — the possibilities are endless.

I got the pattern hereI love the fact that it’s so chic in it’s simplicity.  Now I can go cross off another thing that I got done “this week in knit”.  😛

After you’re done here, head on over to Tami’s to see all the other F.Os the other ladies participating in the series finished this week.

Now off I go to get ready for this Hurricane Irene heading this way ….