Merry Christmas

Hi Everyone,

This post is to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and all the wonderful things the holiday has to offer.  I’m going to be offline until the New Year.  Nothing’s wrong, just making plans, enjoying the season and most of all practicing what I’m calling “holiday hygge“.   Enjoying intentional downtime has been amazing.

  • Sipping tea
  • Reading books
  • Eating too many Christmas cookies
  • Going to concerts (a gift from my momma)

  • Receiving Christmas cards and handmade goodies in the mail (some from you all <3)


  • Going to bed early in my sheepy pjs
  • Enjoying the little Christmas tree on my work table if I’m not outside enjoying the larger one in the living room

  • Or simply lounging on my couch, watching my favourite Christmas movie


  • and enjoying the view of my Edwardian themed Christmas window …

It’s nothing fancy or expensive, but making time to intentionally relax and not let the hustle and bustle of the season overwhelm has definitely done me good.

Cheers to you and yours and may this be a wonderful Christmas no matter your circumstance.  ❤


I’d read about the concept of hygge [pronounced hYOOgah or hooga] a few years ago and thought it interesting.  It’s a Danish cultural expression that roughly translates to the English word “cosiness”.  Loosely described, it’s embracing of home, friends, family, togetherness really in a “go big or go home” kind of way.   But you can also hygge solo.   So it’s not so much a thing you do but it’s a way you live and think.  Although they really embrace hygee in the winter when people spend so much time indoors, it’s a yearlong cultural practice.  With Denmark (despite the long, cold winters) being known as one of the happiest places on earth, I figure the Danes must be on to something with this concept.

With the hustle and bustle of a new job and commute, days becoming shorter, nights longer, plus the cold and barrenness of winter that’s making it’s way to the East coast, I’ve decided to embrace hygge this Fall/Winter.  With my family scattered all over the globe and not having my dearest close to me, it’s important for me to do what I can to embrace intentional living and cosiness this  Fall/Winter.  Kinda like a preemptive strike to beat the winter blues which can come although I love the winter season most.  I like the way one author on the subject describes it —

Hygge was never meant to be translated – it was meant to be felt ~ ToveMaren Stakkestad

so embrace and feel I will!

My last knitting F.O has started the ball rolling.  I finished the blocking of the Leafy Washcloth and it’s been in use from the day I took it off my blocking board.  It’s a small thing, not the largest F.O. I’ve made, but adding it to my decor has already given me and my home some hygge and it’s really been wonderful.


Have you heard about hygge before?  Share in the comments if you have or haven’t.  Here’s wishing you and yours some hygge this Fall and Winter!

More on the subject can be found here, here and here (I like this article best).