I’m Back!!!!

After all the birthday shenanigans, I got the flu!!!  Boohoohoo!!!!  But that didn’t stop this party animal!!!  LOLOLOL!  Yeah right!!!   Although I was floored by that pesky virus I’m back now!!!  My baskets, overflowing with birthday yarn and fiber and just the coziness of the Fall days and evenings sent me back to my needles and hooks.  My finger is much, much better and I was so excited to start crafting again.

This weekend past, I made a little “mat” to add to my Fall decor to put my candles on.  And since this home-girl is crazy about handmade and crazy about Christmas, I broke out my 100 Crochet Snowflakes book and made two snowflakes as well.  I think I’ll make a couple more for my little Charlie Brown tree.  Because I’m a total New Yawker — with that kinda “go big or go home” style, I didn’t use fingering weight yarn for the snowflakes … nooooooooo, that would have been too easy!  LOLOL!  I celebrated my finger feeling better by crocheting with thread and a teeny tiny hook.  Yeah … I’m a nut, but they are so cute though.  Wanna see?

Snowflakes I

I think I need some extra starch on these puppies; I’ll take care of that tomorrow!    I can’t wait to finish some other designs then hang them on my little tree.  🙂

Leafy Washcloth

The pattern for the the leaf is “Leafy Washcloth” by Megan Goodacre on Ravelry.  I haven’t added notes to my projects folder yet but I made this in worsted weight heathered  yarn (an old line from Knitpicks) and followed the pattern exactly as is.  The next time around, I think I’m going to use beads somewhere in the design.  I could see it in my head already!    After I weave in the ends, I’ll show it again with some “model” shots.  LOLOL!

I hope you’ve all been well and it’s nice to be back in this space.  ❤

Let me know how you’ve been in the comments.  How are you crafting your way through Fall?

15 thoughts on “I’m Back!!!!

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  2. Preeti October 28, 2015 / 5:21 pm

    Glad you’re back! Those snowflakes are darn cute!!

    • Nicky November 1, 2015 / 8:45 am

      I love them so much!!!! They’re just too adorable!

  3. purltoo October 27, 2015 / 9:47 am

    I’ve been wondering where you were my crafty friend! I’m still in packing hell. My cousin is coming from Florida to help me. Bless her

    • Nicky October 27, 2015 / 6:45 pm

      Oh man!!! I could only imagine! When is moving day? Glad you’re getting help.

  4. rae October 27, 2015 / 6:43 am

    yay for getting back to crafting! i was just going to drop you a line today to see how you were doing but now i know 🙂

    • Nicky October 27, 2015 / 6:46 pm

      Muah all over your sweet face. I’ve been falling back into bad work habits with poor work life balance. Leaving late, going in super early plus the flu but I’m not doing that anymore. I need to make time for that sweater pattern you gifted me last year! LOLOL!

      • rae October 27, 2015 / 7:46 pm

        that’s sooo easy to do, especially at a new job when you feel like you have to prove yourself. glad to hear you’re getting your balance back! sweater time!! 😀

        • Nicky November 1, 2015 / 8:47 am

          yes … more than ever, I have to!

  5. savethestationery October 26, 2015 / 10:21 pm

    Good to see you posting again!

    • Nicky October 27, 2015 / 6:47 pm

      It’s good to be back!

  6. IamDWJ October 26, 2015 / 9:55 pm

    Oh you know me, I’ve just been knitting sweaters like a mad woman. Welcome back!

    • Nicky October 27, 2015 / 6:47 pm

      LOLOLOLOL! Like a sweater machine! I’m still amazed at how much clothing you made this year! And it’s only October!

      • IamDWJ October 27, 2015 / 6:50 pm

        Yeah I surprised myself too. I did not count children’s clothing or baby blankets either. I’m admitting it, I’m a machine.

        • Nicky October 27, 2015 / 6:51 pm

          True story! No lie!!! You’re really fast!

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