My Stacks Are Growing!!!!!

I started the projects from this list — unofficially part of the Ravellenic Games.  I have to admit, I’m a little behind.  Wanted to do a bunch of stuff on the weekend but I had other things to do (more about that later) so I barely eeked out part of a spa set and kept up with my one granny square per day goal.  Where  my grannies are concerned, as at today, I’m right on track — my granny stacks are growing!!!!!  I’m home from work today after experiencing an exhausting migraine yesterday into last night, so I’ll try to get some more done today for some relaxation.

My couch has been invaded by my stacks, yarn, hooks, needles, my Christmas knitting and some reading — I’m only showing you clean part. 😀 

So excited at the progress.

I didn’t get to do my “One A Day” update yesterday so I’m using this post to join Tami in W.I.P Wednesday “show n tell”.  Oh dear … I went over to Tami’s but there’s not meme today.  I hope everything is okay with her.  Will link as soon as the meme is posted.