The Start of Something Big …

“If you do not tell the truth about yourself you cannot tell it about other people.” ~ Virginia Woolf

So I started to tell the truth about myself in the first week of the year (Jan 1 – 7th).  I honestly told the truth that I am tired of health issues.  I honestly told the truth that I’m tired of looking for professional changes — either in my current environment or another.  I honestly told the truth that this is not a year that I can sit passively but one where I have to take action.  I honestly told the truth that when the year is over, I’d like my blanket to be representative of contentment, excitement, refreshing and happiness rather than the moodiness / sadness which I’ve experienced during the first six days of the year.

This project already has the makings of being something big — tangibly and intangibly.

Here’s week one:

Start of Something Big