Crochet Mood Blanket 2014: February Update

She’s getting bigger!!!!  I’m three stripes behind because I ran out of yarn.  Ack!!  I . MUST. CATCH. UP. because the rounds are already getting long.  I was hoping to do so when I went on vacation but since that’s been delayed and I don’t know when I can go, I have to catch up during this coming week.

February Progress

I need to add red, magenta and an orange “stripes”.   This update is part of my crafty 52 week project.  The details are here and I did an easier to visualize key:

Blanket Key

I promise that this is not the only project you’ll see on the blog for the year.  I promise you that there’ll be more to look at by next week’s end especially since my goal is to really work this list for the year.

Hope you all are enjoying your craft projects as much as I have been enjoying this one.