50/52: The Spirit of Christmas Edition

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This week, I’m grateful for:

  • creating my own Christmas traditions.
  • embracing past Christmas traditions.  Like still putting out my Santa teddy-bear.  My brothers gave me this cutie pie when I was 17 years old to add to my collection of teddies.  He’s traveled with me to multiple countries and looks as good as the day I got him … and that’s a very long time ago. 😉  Even if he was ratty, I’d still put him out.  My brothers were so young back then but they pooled their piggy bank funds together to get him for me.  That makes him all the more special.
  • being able to take the time to feed myself well during this very busy time.  Chowder was the perfect complement for a snowy day.
  • the love of reading my parents instilled in me since I was a child.  All my “kiddos” will be receiving books from me this Christmas.  I even threw two in there for me.  Can you guess which ones? 😉
  • the beginnings of first real snow of the season.  Made for a very cozy Saturday.
  • snatches of Christmas around my apartment.
  • being able to celebrate the birth of Christ and not get carried away by consumerism.  Or at least, try my best not to.  Christmas is so much more than what is material.

With less than two weeks away from Christmas, I know things must be getting super busy for everyone.  I’m hoping that you all are having great weeks despite the busyness of the season and here’s to a great upcoming one.  Off to go write up my cards! (Yes … I know … super late!)