It’s Beginning To Feel Like Christmas …

I think the Grinch came to my neck of the woods and was trying to suck the life and light of Christmas out of me.  But some quiet, prayer and reflection is bringing it right back.

Corn & asparagus chowder in the crockpot.

Two pretties on their way to me.  This one via a gift-card

and this one via my boo E (since serious colourwork is one of my goals for 2014).  She’s convinced that I could have this finished by December 2014.  I’m going to do my best:



And this to keep the mood right!

Hope the season has been good to you so far.  If not … find a way to make it happen.  Christmas to me is the most magical, loving, spiritually reflective time of the year.  And it should be enjoyed to the fullest.