Lightning Round: Choices

  • curves or corners?
  • minty or fruity gum?
  • sand or surf?
  • two or ten?
  • diamonds or pearls?
  • hot chocolate or hot cider?
  • roses or tulips?
  • observe or explore? Both, circumstances depending.
  • sweet or salty?
  • uniform, workout clothes or pjs? None.  Jeans, chucks & T-shirt.
  • actor or director? Both, circumstances depending.
  • debit or credit card?
  • fiction or non-fiction? Both.  Where good writing is concerned, don’t ask me to choose.
  • silk, wool, or cotton? wool
  • grammatical or mathematical error? Both.  A puzzle’s a puzzle no matter the genre.
  • email or telephone?
  • movies or theatre?
  • uphill or downhill?
  • tent or trailer?
  • now or then? Both, circumstances depending.

For my “i have to plan everything down to the last detail” personality, this journal exercise was eye-opening.  Despite knowing in my mind for the most part what I like and what I don’t like, having to choose quickly surprised even me.  I know the goal is to pick one option or the other, but what was made clear is that choices are not always black and white. Sometimes they’re grey.  Or red, or orange, or brown, or blue.  Because we are unique, individual and complex.

No matter what the options or the choices, one thing remains: gratitude.  Always.

Maybe realising those things is the real goal of this exercise.  Hmmm ….