Journaling 2015: Thanks

Journal prompt: Thanks to ______, I can (1) ______, (2) ______ (3) ______.

Thanks to friends,


I can try a new brand of tea including a lavender blend hand Nizzy mixed herself.    I can also enjoy a beautiful handmade card and hand written note — “Just Because …”

Madeline Tosh II

I can enjoy new yarn, chocolate and a card from my “Shirley”.  She sent this over the holidays so the chocolate is already gone, but the card and yarn are still here to remind me how much she cares.

I am the recipient of prayers, emails and job hunting links.  From my friends — online and in real life.  What makes them more special is that they come unsolicited — mostly on days when I need the extra push.  ❤

Journaling 2015: Human

Journal prompt: study the face of someone you don’t like.

I’ve been struggling with this prompt for the last three weeks.  At first, I didn’t want to do it, but as the weeks went by, it kept nagging at me like an itch that just begs to be scratched.  So I scratched.

There are not many people I can truly say I don’t like.  Any adverse feelings I have towards a person can typically be attributed to that person’s behavior towards me or others.  This is what typically will make me withdraw from forming or maintaining a relationship with them.  Usually, it’s that I don’t want to expose myself to what I consider to be negative or adverse behaviors he/she is portraying.  However, there are three people in this world that I’ve had tumultuous relationships with, they’ve left me worse for wear and I can say that I really don’t like them.  That was really hard to admit.  Even with that, truth be told, if any of those three passed out in front of me or were hurt, I’d help.  Because it’s the right thing to do.

So … rather than ignore the prompt, I decided to take it on.  I have a picture of one of the people I don’t like.  We used to hang in the same circles so I have a picture to study.  And study I did.

Looking at that picture … the first thoughts came up like bile in my throat and all I remembered was how much she had hurt me.  How much she had spoken unkindly to and about me.  How manipulative she was then and how much anguish I experienced because of her.  It was so difficult, I had to leave the assignment alone for a few days.  Then I went for the second round.  The picture was one of her caught mid laugh.  Her head was thrown back, her eyes bright, her face full of happy expression and absolutely no guile.  I kept looking and realised that she and everyone else are more than the sum of our experiences with them — positive and negative.  I realised that although I knew some of her story, I don’t know all of it.  I realised that just like me, she has hopes, dreams, people she loves, things that make her laugh, things that make her smile, things that make her cry, things that give her anguish.  I know that I don’t know the hurt she’s experienced, that hurt which has caused her to operate in some of the ways she does.  I realised what I know of her isn’t all of her and in that moment, the picture captured more than I saw then. It allowed me to see another facet of her, one I would have probably ignored a year ago allowing me to keep my one dimensional viewpoint of her.

I haven’t seen her in person for about a year now, and while I really still don’t want to ever reconnect with her, studying that picture of her face made me see her as human.