As I reflected on how I want to live and blog for 2015, I decided to try something new.  Instead of my typical “Gratitude Sunday” post, I’ll be journaling my days in abandon and totally random.  I’m a “list-er” and a planner, so this level of spontaneity is quite different for me. While I waited for the new year to ring in, I took some journal pages I’ve downloaded over the years and cut them up into very tiny bits.  Not to worry, not losing my marbles!  😀

Each cut has a task, a prompt or two or three or four, a thought, a quote, an activity that I need to focus on or complete.   In a conversation with a friend, previous to the cutting marathon, we were talking about ways to “create some happy” for our holidays.  The phrase is really hers, but I’ve already told her I’m stealing it!  LOLOL!  I’ve decided  that creating some happy shouldn’t be intentional just for my holidays, but consistently, the very way I live my daily life.

Create Some Happy

There are quite a few cuts in this journaling love-box  and a few “out of my comfort zone” prompts so all I have to say about this is that it’s going to be an interesting ride!!!  😀

Let me get started then:


  • book I’ve recently readThe Hunger Games.  Although this trilogy has been around for a few years and I’ve seen the first two movies, the first installment of the book has been out of this world.  The energy, symbolism, and the pace of the book surpasses the movie in leaps and bounds.  I’m on the second book now and it’s been the same type of thrill ride.
  • place I’ve recently visited: The New York Public Library.  It’s the one place that will get me leaving my house multiple times per week.  I 100% agree with author Neil Gaiman “Libraries are our friends.”


  • movie I’ve recently watched: Albert Nobbs.  A change in genre for me, this was a complex story of surviving, re-inventing, needing to express and receive authentic love (like everyone else).  It’s a well-written, well executed movie and although I’m not a Glenn Close fan, she was phenomenal in this.  I don’t want to give anything away, but I will say, how terrible it is that people can destroy or utterly change another person’s life by wicked, violent and/or selfish acts.


  • new thing I’ve recently learned: glass etching.

Off to create some happy this coming week.  Here’s to you doing/finding the same.  Cheers!