Gratitude Sunday


  • I’m feeling: dare I say … happy!
  • I’m thinking of / wondering why: what I need to do tomorrow since I’ll be the only one in the office.
  • I’m looking forward to: finishing my final week at “the job”.
  • I’m learning to/practicing to/working on/embracing: go with the flow while trusting that God has my best interest at heart.
  • I’m enjoying: Fall, long walks, cooking Fall foods, crafting every spare moment I get and purging my home.
  • I’m creating/planning to create: a blanket for Julian (finally), natural dye baths, and good wholesome foods in my kitchen.
  • I’m grateful for: Tonya at Aetna Medical.  She made a situation that could have been super detrimental for me so very smooth.  Thank you Tonya!  Money to purchase a Bosworth spindle from one of the teams I take care of at work.  They wanted me to have a gift I’d keep forever and they’re fascinated that I use — according to them — a stick and fluffy stuff to make yarn.   A great week with my two work loves.  Nikki’s going on vacation tomorrow so it’s just Attah and me this week coming up.  A recommendation from a past employee to her HR Director, now the lady wants to meet me.  Yay for good recommendations.  A call from my cousin R just to check in to see how I’ve been.  Yarn delivery!!!  Oh yeah!!!  😀
  • Around the house are:  clean rooms and happy spaces.

In my kitchen: pumpkin soup with veggies & herbs from my garden — okras, peppers and thyme and pumpkin spiced cinnamon buns.

Fall Feeding I

Fall Feeding II

Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Buns I

Pumpkin Spice Cinnamon Buns II

  • I’m planning later in the coming week to: finally finish my Stitches East homework.  get ready for my Stitches East trip.  Get a mani/pedi.  Work on some of my craft projects for Andi’s KAL.   And last but not least, work on my new blog.  I’ve decided to take my planting/gardening adventures to another level and thought I should really give my plant babies a blog of their own.  Fingers crossed keeping them alive during the winter.  😀


  • Quote/Verse of the week: 


  • I’m wishing you: the very best of Sundays and a wonderful week ahead.  ❤


  1. That food looks so good, as always. You make my mouth water. I hope that your garden stands up to the chill so you can have even more green loveliness to add to your meals in the coming year.

    1. I’ve had some casualties but that’s because of replanting errors and also because my garden is a seasonal one. I was able to get the last fruits though so I’ll still call this year a gardening success.

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