Gratitude Sunday


  • I’m feeling: renewed.
  • I’m listening to: my inner voice.
  • I’m thinking of / wondering why: how excited I am about that job posting my “sister” T sent me.  Gardening, kids and my psych degree!  Sounds like job perfection.  Where I can find some apothecary classes.
  • I’m learning to/practicing to/working on/embracing: Quiet my inner competitive nature.  While it might be beneficial for some things, for others it’s not.  I’m becoming more flexible, just going with the flow when change is necessary.
  • I’m enjoying: introductory Fall coolness.  Trying new crafting techniques.
  • I’m creating/planning to create: pesto.  New workout routines. An experimental wellness program.  My Flax sweater — round two!!!  🙄
  • I’m grateful for: spending time with this guy!  He loves yogurt!!! ❤   And waking me up in the middle of the night.  😀Mally Mal spending time with my cousin and having her and her hubby treat me so well last week during my Philly visit.  A well needed body massage.  A stranger’s kindness.  She agreed to deliver a tablet I bought for my brother.  Coming home.  Sometimes the vibrancy of Brooklyn and the size of my apt works my nerves, but it was soooooooooooo good coming back to my little home after some time away.  I’m grateful for having a space to call my own — so many people don’t have that.
  • Around the house are:  Stacks of items to be given away to friends or donated to Goodwill.
  • In my kitchen: Bean and sweet potato salad.
  • I’m planning later in the coming week to: continue to pray for healing for Robin Williams’ family. Mental health issues are real and hard to deal with.  I’m just so very sorry that he thought his departure from this life was his only option.  😦    Job hunt.    Create an exit strategy list so I could complete all my tasks at my current job.  Practice some new to me time management techniques.  Work on my current WIPs.  Do my Stitches East homework.  😀


Reasons To Be Happy

  • I’m wishing you: the very best of Sundays and a wonderful week ahead.


4 thoughts on “Gratitude Sunday

  1. Toni August 17, 2014 / 7:59 pm

    Oh, what a cute little guy!!!!

    • Nicky August 18, 2014 / 10:06 pm

      Thank you! He’s the best! I almost stole him from my cousin but I know he and she would be heartbroken. 😀

  2. Tracey August 17, 2014 / 3:42 pm

    Oh what a sweet little face! I love yogurt too and wouldn’t mind sharing with such a sweet little one.
    I am so glad you are enjoying the book Nicky, I read a few pages each morning, taking it slow, trying to soak it all in, a life time to draw closer to Him!
    It’s nice to read that you had a nice time while away, you really deserved it my friend.
    Heartbreaking about Robin wasn’t it? Still makes me want to cry that a man who brought such happiness was so lost inside.
    Enjoy a beautiful week ahead and remember, there is someone in SC always praying for you!

    • Nicky August 18, 2014 / 10:05 pm

      Isn’t he just the best little chocolate bun bun you’ve ever seen! ❤ I'm sure he'd love hanging out with you, he's super friendly.

      I'm using the book as a devotional and pacing myself. I'm already laughing, crying, agreeing, wanting to be more in Him. Thanks seem so inadequate but thanks again friend.

      Robin's situation was truly heartbreaking. I honestly felt like he was family. That's why I'm glad I have multiple outlets to purge myself when I feel down. Life is hard but it's not so weighty when you have space to be yourself, experience it authentically and get out your frustration. And that's just generally speaking since I know mental illness also have genetic and physiological roots.

      You have a wonderful week too and I appreciate your prayers more than you know and am praying for you and yours too. ❤

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