Okay … someone pinch me!  Is it really Thankgiving already?!!!  I’m just blown away at the speed this year has gone by.  I can’t believe that I’ve been doing my blessings posts for 47 weeks with 5 more to go!  As always, every week has something, someone, some event I need to be grateful for and this week was no exception.  😀  This week, I’m grateful for:

  • Great weather (in the 60’s) to start the week which allowed me to wash my windows.  It’s lovely looking out, especially in the evening hours, through cleaner windows. Window Washing Day
  • A gift from a co-worker.  She found some yarn at Goodwill and figured, I’d know what to do with them.  I thought it was so kind of her to think of me that way.  I’ve already found a pattern for the “mohair”.  😀  Goodwill Haul
  • Having my crafting mojo return with a vengeance!  Yesterday I was able to reclaim yarn from projects I made but don’t wear;  sort some patterns; then bag and tag the ones I want to work on (complete with the yarn) for the rest of Fall into Winter!!!  Wooohooo!!!  So glad it’s back; with the frigid temps we’re facing this weekend, crafting would be a great way to spend some time while the winds howl outside!
  • Bagged and Tagged Being able to start my holiday decorating!!!  Double wooohooooo!!!  Christmas DecoratingI’m going to spray paint the pinecones in different colours then take the rest of my decorations out today!!!  So excited!!
  • Being able to wind down from the work week (which was pretty good by the way 😀 ) with some hot chocolate to which I added wasabi chocolate shavings!!!  Yummsers!!!  IMG_3764

Off to go purchase a computer to ship to my mom, clean up, get my decorations out, then do a new swatch for this blanket.  Long story that I’ll share with you later!  LOLOL!  Hope your week was wonderful and cheers for a great upcoming week!!!!!  😀

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