Yarn Storage Inspiration

In an apt as small as mine, storage can become an issue.  Right now, I’m wanting to move my yarn storage from the random bins they’re in to storage that more easily accessible and viewable.  It doesn’t help that my online pal Denise describes my stash as “you’re your own LYS.”  LOLOL!

This is inspiring me right now … it’s totally doable and might be an excuse to redo my entire bedroom complete with yarn storage and big girl furniture.


The blogger used this shelving system from Ikea, my favourite store and the baskets that can be used with it.  💡



    1. LOLOL! I need to destash and do so consistently and decisively. I can’t keep this volume of goodies unused. In addition to the space issue, I have to put this into financial perspective.

    1. Yes to both thoughts! It’s easy to keep tidy until I have to dig for something then all bets are off! 😀 Sometimes I end up dumping the entire bin to find something that’s on the bottom and those bins are not small!!!

  1. Cute idea and very fresh looking. I keep most of my yarn in my studio, sealed in bags and stored in old, vintage suitcases; I can’t see it, but then bugs can’t get to it either.

    1. I’m so envious of your studio space. I hope one day I can say the same.

      Your studio must be lovely with the yarn stashed in vintage suitcases! You must do a craft space tour one day!

      I hear you with the pest proofing. That’s my issue … pests … and not the bug kind either. 🙄 The bins come with covers so I have to see if they still fit on the sliders with the lids on. If not … whomp, whomp … back to the drawing board.

    1. Gyuuuuuuurl! Come on over; I got some acrylic in there but I got some beauties too! I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

      It’s ridiculous now … seriously!!!!! It’s really time for a serious stash-down effort. No lie! 2014 is it! I can’t even front about the size of my stash anymore!

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