Oats and Barley

Because knitters are awesome!!!

Wanna learn how to knit? Dive head first into this collection from the very generous Tin Can Knits. It’s like learning with a friend! Cheers! 😀

tin can knits

So your scarf is finished and your first blanket is well on its way right? Time for 2 new patterns from The Simple Collection!

Oats is a cute, simple cowl, perfect to ward off the chill of the coming fall weather.

Barley is a hat for everyone, it can be knit short as a beanie or a bit longer for a slouchy look.

Oats :: a cozy cowl

With the garter, ribbing, and stockinette you have come to know and love, Oats is knit in the round (something new for those knitting their way through the collection!) and has 3 sizes to choose from: a kiddie cowl, a snug cowl, and a longer wrap around cowl. I am a personal fan of the kiddie cowl. Hunter will have a few before the rainy fall this year! There is no bulk from a scarf and nothing to come undone and fall…

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