Call Me: The Cheater …

One of the reasons why I don’t always complete KALs/CALs is because I have a wandering eye.  Yeah, I said it … I’m a cheater!  Oye vey!  Now everyone knows. 😛

I’ve taken a semi break from “this here” list … because I’ve been seduced by the simplicity of but oh so elegant “Kidsilk Haze Shawl”.  My cheating ways were most influenced by this one from Sam.  I’m so easy!  LOLOL!  😀

On a side-note, I love friends with large stashes so I traded yarn (my bare for her mohair blend) with my boo Erica F so I could still continue to cold-sheep while being able to continue my philandering with this project. 😉 Mail between NY and Delaware is super speedy and I was able to cast on today after getting them at work yesterday.  This one is going to take me a while although the pattern is uber easy.  I’m knitting on size 11 needles with lace weight yarn.  I already found a knot in the first skein 🙄 (I hate you Knit Picks) but the texture that mohair gives allowed me to just knit over it and not have that knot show.

Airy CowlI’ve also struck up a “thing” with another project aka “chick on the side” — the Stardust Cowl from designer Amanda Reed.  I totally missed my blogger-versary and totally did not post my goals for the next crafting year.  I’m finding that my inner crafty diva is pushing me to confront techniques and projects I love but were afraid to touch.  I think she’s getting ready to really bust out for 2013 / 2014 and I’m just being dragged along for the ride.  The Stardust Cowl speaks to all that.  It’ll be my first stranded project, done in the round and although the designer used variegated yarn to create the design, I’m using four contrast colours and aim to carry the colours up the side instead of cutting and weaving in for the colour changes.  I have to see how that works; if it turns out to be too bulky, I’ll have to cut then weave multiple ends in.

StargyThe name of this project reminds me so much of my dad … but I’ll post that story when I do the F.O. post.

And just so I don’t appear to be a total flake for this KAL/CAL, I’m also working on this hat — Drips!  Another colourwork project!  This one is by designer Bethany Hill. Yeah … it’s like that!  BOOM!!!  LOLOL!  My battery died so I couldn’t take a pic of the WIP, but as soon as they’re charged, I’ll give you a look.

What do you all have on your hooks and pointy stix?  😀  Hope you’re having some yarny fun!!!



    1. It is but I have to count often. Sometimes it’s like I didn’t even move the yarn; it’s so soft and super thin. But I really do love it. 😀

    1. This is my first go at it and it’s not bad at all on the larger needles. If I had to knit this with smaller needles, I would’ve jumped ship already. 😀

      And thanks for the feed add!

  1. No one is a bigger cheater than me, i am constantly pushing my WIPs aside to cast on and on and on. Love stardust. I’d be tempted to double knit it, having the inverse pattern on the opposite side.

    1. Thank goodness I’m not the only philandering knitter! LOLOL!

      I’m getting ready to start Stardust tomorrow night when I get home from work.

      I’ve only done one double-knitting project and it wasn’t even so much that the project was about the technique for me. I just followed the instructions then realised I was double-knitting. I think I’ll make a go at the pattern as it for the first go around but if you have any double-knitting techniques you can share, I’d love to find out about them.

  2. I can so relate! I think I love to start projects more than finish them. And I also have a wandering eye and am a dedicated cheater! I’m always finding new projects to start. Love the idea of the group; I’m joining today. Good luck with all your projects, and I look forward to seeing your new ones completed too 🙂

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