WIP: Tuva

Andi KAL CALAfter all the pictures of yarn received in the last couple of weeks, it’s about time I showed you all a W.I.P (work in progress).  😀  Right?  😛

So here you go: project one of MSK KAL/CAL — the beginning of my Tuva hat.  MSK KAL-CAL TuvaFirst prize goes to the person who remembered that the colourway is one of my hand-dyed (blogged here).  😀  Makes it even more special to me.  I really love how trying to balance out that crazy day gave me this beautiful skein which is going to turn into something wonderful!

Not going to say more until the project is done, then I’ll tell you all about it.

Going to go wash my hair now cause I’m hanging out with my friend later and I’m going to brunch at one of my favourite restaurants in the city — Blue Water Grill, shopping, and to the movies with my favourite cousin “Sabs” tomorrow so I gotta go get pretty!  😀


Hope you all are having a more than wonderful weekend!  😀

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