Math For Knitters

Goodness gracious, I feel like I’m about to take a walk on the edge. I’ve gotten to this point with my hat!  Would have finished it today if I wasn’t going gallivanting with my cousin.  😛

Math For Knitters

I decided to do some Math this morning since something in the pit of my stomach is saying to me that I don’t have enough.  Did the Math this morning and it’s not looking too good.  See that ominous 32 grams … lemme tell you what that means!

I started with 50 grams of yarn which equals 123 yds.  I’ve used 18 grams which totals 3 inches of knitted work.  Stay with me!  I see your eyes glazing over already!!!! LOLOL!  😛  Now for the fun part, let’s do the equations:

  • 50 grams = 123 yds
  • 18 grams = 3 inches of work.

Burning Question: How many inches of work can I do with what’s left?

  • 123 yds / 50 grams * 18 grams = number of yds already used.  Answer: 44.58 yds
  • Second burning question: How many instances of 44.58 yds can I get out of 123 yds.  123 yds / 44.58 = 2.759 instances
  • Now if every instance is = 3 inches of knitting, how many inches can I knit with this skein — 8.277 aka 3 * 2.759.
  • How many more yards would I need to finish this? 9 / 8.277 * 123 = 133.74 yds
  • I would need a grand total of 133.74 -123 = 10.744 yds to finish this hat (give or take 1 – 2 yds when I get to the crown decreases).  But for Math sake … let’s just go with 10.744.

Ultimate burning question: should I skip a repeat  then pray to the knitting gods that I’ll finish?

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what I call living on the edge!  LOLOL!  😛



    1. I’m going to keep going. At last measurement I was at 4.5 inches with 27.5 grams to go. 😀 Obviously, I like living dangerously! LOLOL!

      I really like the pattern so I’m already ear-marking another DK skein to really get a slouchy hat!

    1. Yes, it’s about 9 inches including the crown decreases. The pattern says to knit for 7 inches then decrease. I added another inch or so waiting for my cousin today; going to measure how much I have now. Eeeek!

  1. See, I’d have been like just buy another ball & forget it, LOL! I don’t have that much patience to be doing all that calculating so I solve it by buying extra yarn. You can always use the excess for trim or embellishments.

    1. I would normally but this is a skein of KP Merino Style DK that I hand-dyed. I can’t find the Kool-aid colour anywhere and the yarn line has been discontinued. Perfect storm! LOLOL!

    1. I’m going to measure how much I have now that I’ve done close to four inches, that should let me know for sure how many inches of the pattern rounds I should eliminate.

    1. I’m not sure if the hat would fit. I was counting on the slouchiness to accommodate my big ole fro. Maybe it would fit like a beanie if have to eliminate some of the repeats. Nail biting stuff! LOLOL! 😀

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