My Stacks Are Growing!!!!!

I started the projects from this list — unofficially part of the Ravellenic Games.  I have to admit, I’m a little behind.  Wanted to do a bunch of stuff on the weekend but I had other things to do (more about that later) so I barely eeked out part of a spa set and kept up with my one granny square per day goal.  Where  my grannies are concerned, as at today, I’m right on track — my granny stacks are growing!!!!!  I’m home from work today after experiencing an exhausting migraine yesterday into last night, so I’ll try to get some more done today for some relaxation.

My couch has been invaded by my stacks, yarn, hooks, needles, my Christmas knitting and some reading — I’m only showing you clean part. 😀 

So excited at the progress.

I didn’t get to do my “One A Day” update yesterday so I’m using this post to join Tami in W.I.P Wednesday “show n tell”.  Oh dear … I went over to Tami’s but there’s not meme today.  I hope everything is okay with her.  Will link as soon as the meme is posted.



  1. Those squares are looking cute!! Might have to give me a couple lessons, I haven’t crocheted in years. Next thing you’ll be designing some outfits the way you picked up making granny squares so fast.

    1. Girl … anytime. We should do a craft meetup with Moe and Lisa when the weather gets cooler. I could show you then.

      Just as long as you don’t see any of my creations on www. youknowyoudeadwrong dot com I’m good with designing some outfits! LOLOL! 😀

  2. Looking great!! I love seeing those stacks grow! But then I know I have to hook them together and that sometimes scares me a bit. Those colors are just gorgeous together BTW!

    1. I know what you mean. I’ve decided to halt production of the squares when I get to 25. I’m up to 17 now. I’ll take a day to weave in threads for those (they make up one side of the pillow) then I’ll do the next 25.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement everyone!!! 😀

    I can’t believe that I’ve stuck to this project and not be bored! Typically I’m a process crafter, once I get the technique down, I’m done and on to the next thing. I found myself looking at motifs last night in preparation for an afghan or a motif per week series.

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m cheating on knitting with crochet. 😀

  4. Oh, you’re pretty fast with those grannies! Great colors.
    So this is where I heard WIP Wednesday. I did a post about it, but couldn’t remember where I heard it from.

  5. I love your granny stacks! I’m really bad at repeating a pattern over and over, but I love seeing other peoples granny blankets and pillows 🙂

    1. Typically, I’m bad too. I hated projects that took long but surprisingly, I’ve been enjoying this one. Since yesterday, I’ve added 7 more squares to the stack. 🙂

  6. Ugh, sorry about the migraine and busy-ness, but yay for those stacks of gorgeous motifs! Your stitching is still looking just lovely, and those colours will never cease to make me sigh.

    1. That migraine is still wiping me out. My head isn’t hurting today but I”m dealing with the after headache grogginess and nausea. Uggghhh indeed!

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