Weekend Happy!

I love rainy, cosy weekends.  These kinds of weekends where my house is spotless, smelling wonderful from candles and cooking.  These kinds of weekends where my time management is so good, I got all my chores done early.  I was then able to bake and cook then mess around with yarn, hooks and sticks. 

This weekend, the things that made me happy are:

Making home-made granola for the first time.  🙂 

I also made a Jamaican Easter Bun for the first time.  It tastes like one, but it doesn’t look like one (hence the lack of photo evidence :P). I think not doing the sugar syrup glaze for the top is why the top of the loaf looks more rough than smooth.  Next time, I’m also going to lessen the sugar amount and add more stout in the recipe.  I forgot how sweet this treat could be.  But that’s for another weekend.  In the meantime, I can still have “bun and cheese” with what I’ve made.

Continental Knit Stitch

(click for video instructions)

Practicing my continental knit stitch.  I’m struggling, but I’m committed to becoming a more efficient yarn crafter (I’m a super slow throwing knitter) so I’m in it to win it despite wanting the throw my yarn and needles across the room. 😳 😛

Starting my second crochet project — a large stripped  floor cushion. 

I’m having trouble counting, especially on the first row from the foundation chain.  Once I get past that row, it’s pretty easy for me to spot where my hook is supposed to go, but the struggle is all part and parcel of me learning to crochet.  I had to do that first row over twice,  but so far so good.  Once I got past that, I was able to complete the first five rows of that first section quickly.

Any counting tips from the crocheters is greatly appreciated.

Messing around with my camera.  Day 2 of my photography series — working with white balance.  I haven’t gotten it down pat yet, but it has been fun seeing my photos look different.

Movies with a historical backdrop (nevermind the factual inaccuracies 😛 ). 

This weekend … Troy is making me happy although I’m not a Brad Pitt fan.  I’ll take Eric Bana, thank you very much and please.  😛 

Orlando Bloom’s character was such a wuss and so cowardly  … ugghhh … get out of here. Stole somebody’s wife then had to have his brother fight for him.  Seriously dude?!!!

For love of God, family and country … fight, win or die trying.

5 thoughts on “Weekend Happy!

  1. Kathleen April 4, 2012 / 3:04 pm

    Homemade granola!! Best. Thing. Ever. I made some as Christmas gifts a couple years ago, and I was shocked by how easy, and how amazing it was. 😀

    Re: crocheting into a foundation chain, ugh, it’s evil. And part of the reason I mostly make amigurumi. 😉 But something that helps me is crocheting into the back loop of the chain. (Figures five and six here: http://www.crochetcabana.com/tutorials/into-foundation-ch.htm) That creates a nicer edge and also makes it easier to count stitches, for me anyway. You can also try foundation single crochet, which I just learned (…semi-learned) recently and found a little fiddly, but it does create a different sort of base to work with.

  2. Kathleen April 3, 2012 / 7:56 am

    Ooh, that granola looks good. Isn’t homemade granola amazing? I made some up for Christmas gifts a couple years ago, I was surprised by how easy it was!

    The first row after the foundation chain in crochet is the devil. (And this is why I make amigurumi, LOL!) Something that helps me is working into the “back bump” of the chain (see figures 5 and 6 here: http://www.crochetcabana.com/tutorials/into-foundation-ch.htm), which gives the piece a nicer-looking edge and also makes it easier to count/see where I’m hooking. You can also try foundation single crochet, which I’ve done a couple times and find a bit fiddly to get started, but it creates a different sort of base for working on.

    • Nicky April 3, 2012 / 5:11 pm

      Oh man … yes it is!!!!! I’m thinking of biting your Christmas granola idea. I might crush it and add some goodies to make homemade trail mix!!!! 😛 Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!

      Yes … I’m with you, the first row is the devil and I appreciate the links. I’m off to check them now. I thought crocheting in the round was going to be harder, but it’s actually easier for me. I could keep goin’ round and round and round without worrying about counting right. Go figure!!! 😀

  3. autumngeisha April 2, 2012 / 9:21 am

    It sounded like a great weekend, especially the “relaxing with yarn” part! Your crochet is looking awesome. I still have trouble judging where to put the hook in but find that using a split ring marker to mark the spot very helpful, especially when crocheting in the round.

    • Nicky April 2, 2012 / 4:36 pm

      It really was a wonderful weekend. 🙂 Did you get to NY for your weekend break? 🙂

      Thanks so much for your crochet encouragement and thanks for the tip.

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